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Lifeblood 9/11 (2 points of long-term damage)
Lifeblood 11/11
Hero Points 0/5  
Hero Points 5/5  
Advancement Points 2/2
Advancement Points 3/3

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Name: Qido Teveren Amalis Tantar

Player: Atlictoatl

Origin: Tyrus

Saga: The Doom of Tyrus

The scion of a noble family of Tyrus disgraced after the war, Qido escaped from imprisonment and slavery and began working his way back up the ladder of Tyrusian society with a singular goal in mind: to restore the name of his family and earn revenge against those who wrongfully accused his father and mother of war crimes.

Having assumed the role of a long-lost son of an otherwise heirless noble family, Qido has waged his personal vendetta against a cabal of wealthy Tyrusian families under the guise of the Silver Hawk, a notorious thief and blade-for-hire.

Prince Dimas is one of the few remaining friends loyal to Qido's parents, and Qido will do whatever he can to assist the man.


Strength 1

Agility 2

Mind 0

Appeal 1


Initiative 1 (0 with helmet)

Melee 1

Ranged 0

Defense 2


Assassin 2

Noble 1

Slave 0

Thief 1


Carouser (Roll a bonus die to gain information, make contacts, or acquire goods and services whilst in a tavern. You are also resilient to the effects of alcohol.)

Master of Disguise (You gain a bonus die whenever you are trying to conceal your true identity. In addition, whenever you want to suddenly appear in a scene where your character wasn’t already, you can spend a Hero Point to emerge as one of the random guards, townsfolk, etc., in the background. You were there the whole time, merely incognito!)

Silver Tongue (You are very persuasive and can make any lie sound plausible. Roll a bonus die whenever trying to lie, con, fast-talk, or otherwise deceive someone.)


City Dweller (You aren’t happy in the great outdoors. You take a penalty die in situations to do with wilderness survival.)

Obsession (restoring family name / vengeance) (Whenever you are in the presence of the object of your obsession, you have a penalty die on all rolls that require you to ignore it.)






Lifeblood 11/11

Hero Points 5/5

Advancement Points 3/3


Sword (d6+1)

Trident dagger (d6L+1, Concealable)

Throwing daggers (d6L, 10', Concealable)

Arbalest (d6H, 150', 2 rounds to load)


Light (d6-3)

Helmet (+1)