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|AC|| || style="text-align:right;" |0
|AC|| || style="text-align:right;" |0
|MV|| || style="text-align:right;" |6" || ||  (9" w/o rucksack, spear)
|MV|| || style="text-align:right;" |6" || ||  (9" w/o rucksack, axe)

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- Main Page; The Liberation of Husbaleve

By local standards Barstuhl is a barbarian-made-good, a kind of changeling. To Barstuhl, nothing has changed. His motives are still as confused and arbitrary as the world he finds himself in. The constants in his life are ambition, violence and comradeship. Both the second child and a man, Bersi could not inherit his mother's land. Unable to play second fiddle, he took his share of the portable goods, moved West and signed himself and a handful of followers up as mercenaries. A few years of that cost him most of his friends, but earned him a name as 'the Executioner' and wisdom enough to realise that the infantry was no place for anyone with either social aspirations or a desire to live. He joined the cavalry and did well, rising to the rank of Squadron Commander, only partly because of his astute use of cowed assistants' skills to satisfy administrators that he knew how to read and write. He is a decorated veteran soldier in early middle age, detached from his regiment indefinitely due to differences with a superior.

Fighter 1 (701 XP)

STR 14 +1
INT 7 -1
DEX 16 +2
CON 10

HP 5 / 5 Current / Maximum
AC 0
MV 6" (9" w/o rucksack, axe)

Skills: Squadron Commander +0
Tracking +0

Tactical Notes (these are likely to change as the group develops its joint tactics)

Barstuhl's main goal in a fight is to keep a wall of plate-armoured Fighters/ Clerics facing the foe at all times, preferably where it can retire but not be outflanked and can fight from good footing, above or cover. He conforms with his neighbours in the wall to achieve that. A secondary goal is to maximise the wall's damage output.

Barstuhl is normally in the front rank with hand axe and shield. He throws the axe before contact and switches to sword for melee. If for some reason group is avoiding melee he throws his axe followed by darts and one of two daggers, keeping the other in reserve.

If equipped with a spear, Barstuhl is in the second rank and retains his spear unthrown to use from there. If a flank is exposed, he moves to cover it. If a gap opens in front, he moves to fill it. Once meleed, he drops the spear and switches to sword if he can without serious disadvantage (e.g. without losing a combat round)

Barstuhl only lowers his visor while under intense missile fire.

He stays with the shield wall, unless this would leave a light-armed fellow behind the wall exposed to attack. He doesn't risk himself to protect Sorcerors who put themselves in front of the line.

If a fellow falls and is in danger of being finished off or dragged away by the opposition, he uses his shield and bodyweight to try to push the wall forward so they can be retrieved, calling on others for support. But if that is obviously suicidal, he takes advantage of any distraction the fallen creates to hurt the opposition.

He will not charge in puppet-mode unless he can tell that a plausible number of heavy-armed characters are also committed. A plausible number is whatever would make half the front rank if he joined in. But no pointless death charges.

Running away is harder to judge. He will face a few rounds of fighting (or fighting withdrawal) against a superior foe if that looks like part of a plausible plan to turn the tide of battle. But he won't do it if it means getting outflanked within sight of cover. In case of a general rout he drops gear to get his move up to 9" and runs.

Apart from this, he cooperates as far as he can with 'requests' from others to e.g. 'kneel', 'make way', 'hold this', 'retire', 'forward' etc.

The military oil in his rucksack might help the group retreat.

ENC Item Note
14 TOTAL Heavy burden
1 Hand axe RH
1 Shield LH
3 Plate Armour Body
1 Sword Scabbard, RHS
1 3 Darts Bandolier: chest
1 2 Daggers Scabbards: belt rear & inside shield
0 Flint & tinder Belt pouch, LHS front
0 1 Torch O Belt, LHS rear
6 Rucksack Back - see below for contents

Rucksack contents

ENC Item Note
6 SUB-TOTAL Included in above
1 Standard gear (WHAT IS?)
1 5 Torches OOO OO
1 Rope new
1 Crowbar formerly at belt
2 Flasks Oil OO Wrapped in sacking
0 Standard Rations #1
0 Wine skin, full
0 Pipe, local 'tobacco'
0 Water skin, empty
0 Sack Large x 2 Used for wrapping above

Savings: All left with Barstuhl's cousin in town

GP Item Note
100 Gem
50 Gem
0 gp
47 sp x 940 1200 less 10 gp = 260 sp expenses
3 cp x 600

Background stuff:

- (war/ riding?) horse??
3 Harness
1 Lance
1 Barding?
1 Spear from original gear
1 6 Torches OOO OOO


- Horldore (Retainer)
- Errata the Easterner (Lover)
- etc.