Barstuhl the Tall

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- Main Page; The Liberation of Husbaleve

By local standards Barstuhl is a barbarian-made-good, a kind of changeling. To Barstuhl, nothing has changed. His motives are still as confused and arbitrary as the world he finds himself in. The constants in his life are ambition, violence and comradeship. Both the second child and a man, Bersi could not inherit his mother's land. Unable to play second fiddle, he took his share of the portable goods, moved West and signed himself and a handful of followers up as mercenaries. A few years of that cost him most of his friends, but earned him a name as 'the Executioner' and wisdom enough to realise that the infantry was no place for anyone with either social aspirations or a desire to live. He joined the cavalry and did well, rising to the rank of Squadron Commander, only partly because of his astute use of cowed assistants' skills to satisfy administrators that he knew how to read and write. He is a decorated veteran soldier in early middle age, detached from his regiment indefinitely due to differences with a superior.

Fighter 1

STR 14
DEX 16
CON 10

HP 5
AC 0
MV 9"

Skill Squadron Commander? +0 a professional skill about knowing procedures, protocols, customs, drills, commands, tactics, markets, people and politics; not an advanced riding skill - if this is too broad, please let me know)

1 Rucksack & Contents
3 Plate Armour
1 Shield
1 Sword
1 Spear (Lance?)
7 ENC (light burden)

- (war/ riding?) horse??
3 Harness
1 Barding?
X ENC (Y burden)

- Horldore (Retainer)
- etc.