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Bas, the Damned[edit]


AKA: Bask-Under-Radiant-Sky
Heritage: Aelfir
Class: Cleaver
Calling: Forced
Active Beats:
(Minor) Perform a seemingly unconnected action for your masters that has grim consequences.
(Minor) Claim you’re doing something on behalf of your masters when in fact it’s for your own ends.
Bas was an Aelfir by birth, though it is all but impossible to see that now. He has been transformed by the Heart into something else. Or perhaps into what he truly was all along.

His skin is a mottled bruise of midnight blue and dark purple, littered with boils that weep black tar. His eyes are as dark as the abyss itself and seem to suck in light and hope in equal measure. His ears... well, he he hacked the points off years ago. They were too painful a reminder of his old life, so now they are no larger than a human ear, though mangled at the top. His teeth are steel replacements, practically fangs. They were a first 'gift' from his captors, and a reminder that he was little more than an animal to them.

The Cleaver dresses light, wearing cast-off scraps of dark clothing and armor. He is dangerous but knows that unspeakable dangers prowl the lower reaches of the Heart. Speed and stealth are his greatest tools.

Resistances Stress Protections Fallout


Fresh, Still twitching Heart D6 Wild


Hunting Knife: Kill D6
Heavy Draw Bow: Kill D8, Ranged, Tiring
Wife's Death Mask

Skills, Domains and Abilities[edit]

Skills Knacks Domains Knacks
Compel Cursed
Delve Desolate
Discern Haven
Endure Occult
Evade Religion
Hunt Technology
Kill Warren
Mend Wild


Collateral: You have a knack for getting behind someone else when things kick-off. Once per session, allocate stress to the nearest friendly target (PC or NPC) instead of marking it yourself.

Heartsblood: You have a bone-deep connection to the Heart Itself; the closer you get, the more powerful you become. Your minimum protection value for all resistances is equal to the tier of the Heart you are currently on. This value doesn’t add to other sources of protection, but your base protection can’t be lower than your current tier unless you specifically lose access to it due to fallout.

Red Feast: Your crucible guts pluck memories from the meat. When you eat a resource, you gain any domains associated with that resource until the end of the situation. If you already have access to the domain, gain an appropriate knack. There’s no limit to what you can eat, but tough or noxious materials might require an Endure+Cursed check to avoid causing yourself harm. Consuming resources requires your attention and leaves you exposed, so doing it successfully in stressful situations (such as combat) could require a Sneak or Evade roll.


Monstrous Appetite When you use THE RED FEAST to consume a resource that has a domain you can access, remove stress from Blood or Echo equal to the amount rolled on the dice instead.


Darkling Eyes: Your jet-black eyes allow you to see in pitch blackness as though it were full daylight.

Pitch Skin: The secretions from your skin are flammable and adhesive, acting as a sort of volatile glue you can exude at will.

Desperate Measures: You can consume the flesh of something or someone that you have recently killed and gain a skill associated with them for the remainder of the situation.

Background, Bonds, and Notes[edit]

  • His masters are Bas's own House. At least his former one. Bask-Under-Radiant-Sky once mercilessly ruled his extended family as the head of his House. He brought them to new heights of power by using them like pawns on a chessboard. They eventually rebelled and staged a coup. Bask-Under-Radiant-Sky's own guards turned against him and he was brought low. After what seemed like months of torture, Bas finally broke in order to save the life of his wife and child.
  • Bas was to be their tool, and they would use Bas as he used them. He has a subjugation sliver implanted in his neck. He feels pain when he is being summoned, and the pain increases the longer he ignores it. Once the faithful 'pet' returns to his masters, they give him a new task and send him on his way. The one time he ignored the summons, tried to forget his old life altogether, his masters killed his wife and gave him her head as a gift. He's complied... grudgingly... ever since.
  • After my fall, my House (which we should probably name at some point) had a strong connection with the church of Our Glorious Lady that Ynder was a member of. When rumors started surfacing of Heresy coming from that Church... the Masters of the House couldn't allow anything to tarnish their name, so they 'supported' the church leadership and stamped out the heretics. Except one of course. Ynder escaped.
  • Bas does not want Yohann to gain the secret of the Cleaver techniques, he would probably do something terrible with it. Can you imagine if the hydra gained knowledge from things it ate?
  • Bas was with Windchime and witnessed another Deadwalker die the final death. His blood was a malevolent black stain on the earth. Bas smiled as it happened.
  • Familiar Landmark: Aberrant Beach, a rocky shore on the edges of chaos itself, is a landmark best avoided by most delvers of the Heart. Bas has made the place he retreats to when in search of solitude... or as a haven from beings that might be hunting him. For although he has learned to navigate its various threats, it is by no means a place of safety.
  • Unwelcome Landmark: In the Howling Chasm, Bas burnt a haven to the ground in the process of retrieving an item for his masters. His deed has made him a marked man in this landmark of tall, windswept ravines and ancient columns lit from beneath by pools of a glowing and caustic green ichor.
  • Mission with the Group: The Mission went well but after they defeated their target the group found themselves surrounded by reinforcements. Bas ripped out the heart of their victim and ate it, which filled him with range and a ferocious talent for killing. They fought their way free, but this was the first time the group saw that he was as monstrous within as he was on the surface.
  • Contact: Faddir Golstrom, a human smuggler that brings goods back and forth from the Spire to the Heart. More importantly, he is an information broker, bringing news of the surface to those who can't, or won't, return to the Spire. For a price of course. Bas uses Faddir to obtain information about his House and family, though he tries to hide his true intentions by asking about Aelfir politics and the power structure within the Spire in general.
  • Enemy: Divaleh, a female Drow and Vermissian Knight. She was once a servant of Bas's House, and when he found out she was a rebel spy he had her family killed. Bas personally mutilated her and cast her down into the heart. She has since become a Vermissian Knight and helps people survive in this accursed place, but bears a powerful grudge against Bas, and has tried to kill him on a few occasions.
  • Nun: As Bask-Under-Radiant-Sky, he was so powerful that he took joy in doing the things society told him he could not do. He has physically abused a priestess but did not kill her afterward. He enjoyed seeing her face when he attended services, knowing that even a 'sacred' priestess couldn't so much as level an accusation against him, no matter how true they were.
  • Compromised Master: While the gem that controls the subjugation splinter in Bas's neck is passed around within the House to whichever family member lobbies for it, there is one member of the House that might have given Bas an opening through his carelessness. Lord Quiet-Willow-Creeping Root ordered Bas to obtain a rare mushroom that made a powerful and undetectable poison. Bas then learned from Faddir that one of the members of the House died of mysterious and undetermined causes. He has kept track of the jobs Willow ordered him to do and is sure that the minor noble is moving against the larger house, which could give Bas leverage at a crucial time