Belus Good Roam

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This is a character for the Legacy PbP game, Embers of the Past.


  • Name: Belus Goodroam, Braided into Gree.
  • Playbook: Sentinel
  • Family: Regents of the New Herd
  • Looks: Masculine, Blunt Face, Judging Eyes, Compact Body

  • Stats
    • Force +1
    • Lore 0
    • Steel +1
    • Sway 0

  • Moves
    • Family Inheritance: Hardy
      • The first time each day you take Harm, by 1.
    • Steel Rain
      • When you ambush your enemies with a coordinated strike, your rolls and any Call for Aid attempt the others make have advantage.
    • Role: Agent
      • Mark and hold 1 when you guard an expedition. Spend the hold to reveal a shelter your Family prepared on an earlier expedition.


  • Playbook options
    • Add 1 to outfit when tooling up.
    • Family gear
      • Strider Gear (mobile, camo)
      • Pedigree animals (land, mount)
      • Rangers (quality 1, Live off the Land)


Belus spent most of his life a simple hand and guard for the Gree Braid sambison herd. That changed, however, with the attack. That gave him a degree of notoriety he has not fully embraced, and contact with Strangers which he does not truly enjoy.

Backstory Tie-Ins

  • "I have sworn to protect _____"
  • _____ and I stood watch together against the chaos.
  • _____ helped me get out of a siege alive.