Benjamin Greywood

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Benjamin Greywood

NG Male Half-Elf

Druid 10 (Gatekeeper)/Divine Oracle 2


Benjamin takes after his Elven mother more than his Human father. Somewhat short, rugged but still lankey, he often gets mistaken for a teenager even though he's over thirty. His brown hair is kept relatively short, and his blue eyes only add to his boyish good looks. After his acention to Gatekeeper, he had the stylized head of a dragon tatooed on his back that seems to be a partial focus for certain ritual powers.


New Info[edit]

Recently granted the title of High Druid in the Reaches, the war and strife following the death of Oalian has resulted in him becoming one of the more powerful Druids left alive. The youngest of the Council, he is representative of both the Gatekeepers to some extent and The Dark Purr.

Named the Alpha Male of this Clan of Catshifters, he is the only male recognized by them as worthy to approach them, gaining this respect after surviving Death by Snoof Snoo and succeeding in driving the Emerald Claw from their home. Of course, the Snoof Snoo now means he's going to be a father something like four hundred times over in the coming months...

His visons have gotten stronger and more disturbing as of late, mostly thanks to close exposure to the Divine Spark that is the source of them, the Coming of the Sixth Age showing him many disconcerting events. Among them is the continued presence of the visions showing Cassius taking over via his dark army, even though Cassius is now dead and gone. He has ideas of what this may imply, but none of them are good.

Old Info[edit]

Benjamin ("Ben" to his friends) is a happy-go-lucky young (for a Half-Elf) man. The last year or so has seen him mature a great deal, and those who knew him before would be quite suprised with the number of responsibilities he sucessfully manages. Much to the surprise of those who don't know him, he's a diehard ally in a pinch in spite of his impish nature. He has a good deal of talent, and that coupled with his aid against the King in Yellow impressed the Gatekeepers enough to invite him to join their ranks. He seems to finally have found his calling, and after the death of his friend and mentor Pelac, he has graduated to the rank of full fledged Gatekeeper in the shortest time for any Initiate since the Daelkyr War due to his constant efforts against the forces of Khyber and Xoriat as well as his so far successful recruitment drive for the Gatekeepers with the aid of The Watchmen.

Ben is also the object of affection for the easliy and violently excitible Hannah Nyan, who has decided she's going to marry him one of these days. Ben finds her terrifying, but can't seem to stay mad at her because of how darn cute she is (when YOU can tell her to go away and live though it, THEN you can tell Ben to do the same). To further his problems with girls, Hannah has since been joined by six other Cat-type Shifter females, all together dubbed The Seven Shifters, all of whom are devoted in their own way (usually one that scares the crap out of him). They've since all managed to bed him, though exactly how much of it was his being willing and how much was them being insistent (and VERY convincing), they're not saying.

Along with his new entourage, Ben now runs The Tail End Inn and Bath House, the main stop for visitors moving through the city. How he keeps the place running amid the Harem Anime-style antics is anyone's guess.

He also has a quickly growing talent for Prophecy, and will often give cryptic messages from his visions in the hopes that they will aid the Watchmen in future endeavors.

Hints for Roleplaying: Light-hearted in almost any situation, he's pretty laid back and normally lets others take the lead if he doesn't have to. When it comes to Aberrations, Khyber-spawn, and Cults of such beasties, however, he will be the first one with a plan and the one leading the charge unless someone else has a higher Base Land Speed. After tasting revenge and finding it bitter, Ben tends to not hold grudges (a rare feat nowadays), so he tends to be likable by most anyone.

Shadows over Cyre or Wrath of the Lich Queen