Beronic, the spectral king

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Beronic, the spectral king

Game Info : Umbral human Cleric 6/Master of shrouds 2 (CR10)


Beronic appears as a shadowy apparation of a once noble Suderax lord, now twisted and corupted by dark powers he wears a twisted grin across his face as he calls forth undead to slaughter those before him. His clothing is that of a Suderax lord, wearing fine furs and an iron crown atop his brow yet it all appears somehow twisted and warped, in all mockery of his former glory.


Beronic prefers to take advantage of his incorporial state and he tends to be quiet and swift in both action and speech. He tends to fight in a very arrogant manner, knowing full well that he cannot be harmed by the majority of weapons opposing him.


Whilst he is the most recently created Leuitnant of the Liche Lord's current four, he has seen many others come and go. It is believed that Beronic is the one that teaches the newly raised sentient undead of their new abilities and service to the Liche lord, and indeed in combat has often been seen leading a small mixed unit of sentient undead on small raids and specialist tasks.

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