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Character Sheet

Stats Strength: 14 = 13 +1 Undead Strength Dexterity: 11 = 10 + 1 Attribute Increase Constitution: 16 = 14 + 2 Undead Resilience Intelligence: 18 = 15 + 3 Attribute Increase Wisdom: 12 = 12 Charisma: 8

Proficiencies: Light Armor, Simple Weapons, Intelligence, Constitution, History, Investigation, Arcana, One other skill, One tool

Class Abilities:

  • Otherworldly Patron: Queen of Ice (Working from Base of Undying)
  • Expanded Spell List: If you want to swap some of these for cold spells that’s fine with me. Cone of Cold for example feels naturally.
  • Among the Dead: Same.
  • Defy Death: How about instead we put something called Former Life here. You can roll a Wisdom check to recall some skill or information from your former life that would be useful to you, granting you advantage on an ability check. Usable 1/short rest. Alternately, maybe the former life stuff is a racial ability and we keep this or put something in its place?
  • Undying Nature: Same.

Pact Magic: Same, but Intelligence caster. Probably modified spell list. To start with Ray of Frost is on your list and you have it. We can handle other spells on a case by case basis.

  • Eldritch Invocations- Same, but mostly custom/modified ones.
  • Eldritch Sight (Detect Magic at will)
  • Eldritch Insight (custom) (increased supernatural senses, some version of detect evil/enemies)- As an action you can detect creatures or effects that intend you harm within 60 feet of you.
  • Deepest Winter (custom)- When you deal cold damage, your magic ignores cold resistance. You can reroll 1s on cold damage dice. You must keep the new result.
  • Agonizing Cold (custom) (applied to Ray of Frost)- Your ray of frost sends a creature 10 ft away from you and you can apply your Intelligence modifier to the damage. (This is Agonizing Blast and Repelling Blast invocations combined and put on Ray of Frost. Ray of Frost is a single attack unlike Eldritch Blast, so I stacked both since you’ll only be able to get the modifier to damage once and repel one creature)
  • Danger Sense (custom)- You have advantage on Dexterity saving throws from effects you can see.
  • Heightened Senses – You have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on hearing or smell. (Not sure if this quite fits)
  • Hybrid Transformation: Beast Transformation, same as described.

Cantrips: 3

  • Ray of Frost (enhanced with invocations)
  • Encode Thoughts?

Spells Known:10

  • Grease (reskinned as covering an area with ice)
  • Protection from Evil
  • Knock (talking the door open)

Inoshiro's character notes:

  • Apparently not one of the living: heart unbeating, smells vaguely of gravesoil, vinegar, and regret. (Needs perfume to cover up the smell.)
  • Loves books and libraries, for reasons he cannot recall.
  • Companion (?) of Lannax's.
  • Onetime member of House Natiu: married into the family, was slain by _____?______ in the Great Massacre a generation ago.
  • Unaffected by alcohol, but drinks Tsevos out of habit.
  • Has a supernatural, animalistic voice within him that demands to be released under pressure or threat of violence. Its name is Ghauragat.
  • Partial memory loss, but tied somehow to House Natiu.
  • Menaced by a dark-haired, apparently-long-lived woman of the city.


  • Has a preternatural sense of others (or the minds of others?) in his surroundings: +++++
  • Can sometimes remember Lore in this setting by involuntarily attempting to remember things from its original lifetime. +
  • Sneaking -
  • Invocations of divine protection: +
  • Transmit thoughts/memories via touch: +
  • Channel energies from the world of the dead (cold) ++
  • Dodging attacks ++
  • Investigation ++
  • Can talk inanimate objects into "doing" things (?)
  • Ritual spellcasting (sight) -
  • Resist Spirit possession: -

Thorya's Notes:

Undead. Tied to the central plot. Doesn't remember life.

  • Preternatural sense (magic sense) +++++
  • Historical knowledge (from living it) +
  • Perceptiveness: /
  • Disguise: /
  • Sneaking -
  • Divine Protection (invocation) against Evil +
  • Thought transmission via touch (memory transfer) +
  • Magic open a lock, talked to it.
  • Dodge +
  • Cold Magic +++
  • Investigation ++
  • Claw attack +
  • Ritual of true seeing -
  • Resisting possession (Charisma or Wisdom Save) -
  • Save Against a mind effect -
  • Physical Strength (fighting through) ++
  • Recall things from past life: /
  • Sense Danger: /
  • Warlock Level 10- (maybe intelligence based?)
  • Moderate Wisdom (But not proficient in proficiency or wisdom saves, weird for a warlock) or Low Wisdom?
  • Low Charisma
  • High Intelligence (Maybe an intelligence warlock instead of a charisma based warlock?)
  • Patron Undying
  • High Strength?