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*Black hair
*Black hair
'''Species D'''
*Green scaled  
*Green scaled  
*Very strong
*Very strong
*Solid white hair
*Solid white hair
'''Species E''' (Kyris)
'''Cuailgne''' (Kyris)
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*Basically Gaelic Minotaurs
*Basically Gaelic Minotaurs
'''Species F''' (possibly the same as Species C) (Araine)
'''Talisanne''' (possibly the same as Species C) (Araine)
*Charcoal colored skin
*Charcoal colored skin
*White hair
*White hair
*Silvery-steel eyes, no pupils/irises
*Silvery-steel eyes, no pupils/irises
*Brown, rough skin
*Green hair, vine tendril like textures
*Bleed clear
*Connection with plant and earth magic

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This world is filled with and dominated by many non-human species. Many races have a strong inherent connection to magic. This could be specific types or part of their natures letting them do seemingly impossible things. The exception to this is humans, who have no magic of their own, but can acquire it through mixing with other species. This has led to many other races tormenting humans or feeling that they were lesser, but this has morphed into some of the more powerful species viewing them as a threat, as humans can learn and mix magics from a variety of sources, potentially making them very powerful. It also means that their own bloodlines might not be as pure as they imagine and they may become hyper focused on their own inherent magics rather than let any suggestion that they have a human ancestor somewhere back in their line to introduce a different strain of magic.

(Many of these are unnamed and they could be overlapping)

Humans (Zahlia?) Pure humans are extremely rare in this world, even if someone looks entirely human there's a good chance that hundreds of generation back a least one ancestor was something not human, and are looked down in many places because they no magic of their own. But unlike the other races, humans have the unique ability to mix with just about anyone or anything else (like dragons) to produce offspring. This means that they can access magic from a variety of ancestors.

Half-Xs (Yancy, Lannax) A misnomer, these are humans where all of their non-human ancestory comes from a single non-human species. But they the actual portion of their ancestory does not have to be 50/50 and frequently isn't.

Mixed Humans (Zafraga?) The majority of the humans in the setting. Typically they're 75% or more human, but they have visible traits from two or more different other species.


  • Black skin with splits in it showing streaks of glowing material below. The streaks are usually, blue, red, or purple. The pattern is unique to each creature.
  • Their hair is either black or glows the color of their streaks.
  • Their eyes glow as well.
  • They have a connection with light and evocations.

Areens (Teuthis)

  • Tails
  • Skin color: purple, blue, grey
  • Small horns
  • Solid, pupil less eyes.

Belsheer (Lannax's Lineage)

  • Golden skin
  • Extended canines
  • Four-arms
  • A connection with abjuration magic?

Contarry (Valashir)

  • Pale skin
  • Pointed ears
  • Completely black eyes.
  • Black hair


  • Green scaled
  • Very strong
  • Solid white hair

Cuailgne (Kyris)

  • Large
  • Horns
  • Bull like
  • Basically Gaelic Minotaurs

Talisanne (possibly the same as Species C) (Araine)

  • Charcoal colored skin
  • White hair
  • Silvery-steel eyes, no pupils/irises


  • Brown, rough skin
  • Green hair, vine tendril like textures
  • Bleed clear
  • Connection with plant and earth magic


The stone goddesses -


Most species learn magic connected with an inherent talent and this can be quite powerful. There are of course other options. Some gain magic from pacts with otherworldly creatures. Some through places or items of powers and connections there. Etc. (Basically, don't want to prematurely shut things down).

Things Magic Can Do:

  • illusions used in plays and entertainment
  • make an 'oversoul'
  • turn incorporeal
  • weird spirit creature familiars?
  • acid attack (may be racial "copper dragon" ability)
  • teleportation cloud?
  • orb of violet fire
  • Power word - Terror (?)
  • illusion duplicates for defense
  • Sleep spell

Things Magic Can Do:

  • charm spells or mind control magic
  • make homunculus
  • detect itself (magic)
  • cancel itself (magic) tough or area
  • illusions and oufs of wind (Warriors)
  • flying icicles of death
  • some kind of heals
  • telekinesis
  • augery
  • divine invocation against evil
  • though transmission (touch)
  • telepathy (Team 1)



The capitol city of this costal nation is Bar Kesh.


Bar Kesh

A multicultural costal city. There is a fair amount of trade, as well as meat processing and leather production

The Belly/Underways

The collection of sewers, old defensive tunnels, and forgotten passages of unknown purpose under Bar Kesh. They are home to thieves, outcasts, and smugglers, as well as a fair number of dangerous creatures. The area is ruled by the Rat King and those wishing for safe passage should just pay the toll.


Formerly ruled by the Galga royal family (hence the name). Now ruled by a distant cousin of the last king from House Ertu, despite the king naming his step-son as his heir. There was a war when the last king died and eventually House Ertu rose to power.


bigotry is a thing.

Has laws

  • Lord Magistrate - high crimes/big cases?
  • Magistrate - normal stuff?

Has nobles Houses:

  • House Atinh - Lannax suspects them of 'ilicit dealings' Rose to great power after the Succession war
    • Lady Sabva has ruled the house for the last 25 years. Still looks young. Old Memoir suggests she had impure blood. "The offspring of such a thing"
    • Passage Ebankh found: Argued today that the line of descent must exclude those of divergent heritage, for the sake of the House, and my argument was upheld. Poor Sabva, but what could I do? To be the offspring of such a thing... she could never lead House Atinh, the risk would be too great. Had to console myself with an hour of the Street of Veils, so that I would not lie in my bed weeping for the fate of the little one.
    • a history from about 10 years ago. "I had to check, but this says that it is the very same Lady Sabva that still leads House Atinh today... and has for the last 25 years. It also claims her blood is 'as pure as the king's.'"
  • House Burtau - grudge against Atinh?
  • House Shantial - grudge against Atinh? loyalist house?
  • House Naitu (Natiu?)- died off during the Succession War. Loyalist house... ties to Shantial? Ebankh may have married in to this House. Matriarchal House always ruled by a woman.

Galgian War of Succession

  • almost 40 years ago
  • Many houses were founded then... some existing became much more powerful
  • The old King lost (what was the war over? Choice of heir?)

Dark Wind - a shadow guild

  • power spreads through the Kingdom and beyond
  • has ties with House Atinh (controlled by House Atinh?

Other Countries

Tartan kilts are a thing, at least somewhere in the world

  • Green and blue for Kyris' clan
  • Red and black - mentioned in Team 1's story


Daxivilian "Dax" Jhorroe
Of House Jhorroe. The family has a lofty title but has very little in the way of money. Became very good at Warriors to earn money of his own. Dax has pale skin, black hair, glowing lavender eyes and a smile that seemed to work magic on men and women a like. Friend of Lann's... the two hustle other Warriors players and split the take.

  • can probably change eyes to solid black and make Species C with minimal fuss.


  • Sword of Seven Storms - not a magical one (save that it has an enchantment cast upon it that while the sword is in its scabbard both are invisible). When it is drawn, both sword and scabbared can be seen and will be immediately recognizable, and the office of the one who holds it will be plain to most - at least in this neck of the world



  • A Catacombs with a familiar-to-Ebankh crest on the door. (Lady Natiu's personal crest)
  • The city library.
  • Madeth's Tavern. Nice... but not too nice. Frequented by Lann and Dax. Has a Warriors table.
  • Tavern Risus. Nice... perhaps too nice for the group. Fine wine selection. Mild discrimination against humans? Has a 4 man Warriors Table.