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=Character Sheet=
=Character Sheet=
'''Race:''' Half-Balashir
Race: Human (1/4 Balashir)
Class: Time Warrior (Paladin)
Level: 10
'''Class:''' Time Warrior (Paladin)
Hit Points: 69
'''Level:''' 12
'''Hit Points:''' 88
'''Proficiency Bonus:''' +4
'''Armor Class:''' 16 (leather scale armor +2, Dex +4)
'''Speed:''' 40 ft
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{| class="wikitable"
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==Weapons & Gear:==
*Straightened Scimitar +8, 1d6+6
*Dagger +8, 1d4+6 piercing
*Throwing Knives +8, 1d4+4 piercing, range 20/60
'''Boots of Riding'''- 1/day Casts Dominate Beast as a 7th level spell (DC 15 Save), but you can only issue two commands to the beast “Go to a specific location” and “Allow me to ride you”. You also gain advantage on Animal Handling ability checks to control a mount.
'''4 Cards from the Deck of Illusion'''- Ogre, Joker (whoever throws the card), A Ten-by-ten Wall, Old Soldier
*Acrobatics '''+4''' ''(Dex)''
*Animal Handling '''+1''' ''(Wis)'' (Advantage from Boots of Riding)
*Arcana '''-1''' ''(Int)''
*'''Athletics''' '''+4''' ''(Str)''
*'''Deception''' '''+8''' ''(Cha)''
*'''History''' '''+3''' (Int)
*Intimidation '''+4''' ''(Cha)''
*'''Investigation''' '''+7''' ''(Int)''
*Medicine '''+1''' ''(Wis)''
*'''Perception''' '''+5''' ''(Wis)''
*Performance '''+4''' ''(Cha)''
*'''Persuasion''' '''+8''' ''(Cha)''
*Religion '''-1''' ''(Int)''
*'''Sleight of Hand''' '''+8''' ''(Dex)''
*'''Stealth''' '''+8''' ''(Dex)''
*Survival '''+1''' ''(Wis)''
*Armor: Light
*Weapons: Simple and Martial
*Saves: Wisdom and Charisma
*Languages: Common, Balashir, Old Tongue
*Tools: Forgery (kit), Warriors (game)
*Temporal Healing (Lay on Hands) 60 HP/long rest
*Divine Sense 60 ft, 5 times/long rest
*Immune to Aging
*Fighting Style - Dueling +2 dmg
*Extra Attack
*Temporal Slash (Divine Smite) +2d8 damage for level 1 slot, +1d8 each additional level.
*Improved Temporal Slash (Improved Divine Smite) +1d8 on all physical attacks
*Aura of Protection 10 ft, +4 to Saving Throws
*Chrono-Boost Grant an ally within 10 feet of you an extra action they take immediately. 1 time/short or long rest
*Chrono-Surge (Action Surge), 1 time/short or long rest
*Circle of Sending/Recall (Using a circle you create, and one prepared earlier, up to 100 lbs of equipment can be transported between the two locations provided they are within 10 miles. This can be used once per short or long rest.
==Background : Rebel Scribe==
*Forgery Kit Proficiency
*Inside Informant
*ASI (4th) +2 Dexterity
*ASI (8th) +2 Charisma
*ASI (12th) Prodigy: Stealth, Warriors, Old Tongue Proficiency, Expertise in Investigation.
Spells Prepared: '''11'''<br>
'''Spell List:'''
1st Level: 4/4 slots
*Bane ('''C'''1M, AS, TE3, R30, SI)
*Divine Favor ('''C'''1M, AB, T/RS, SN)
*Earth Tremor (''N''I, AS, T?, R10, S?)
*Expeditious Retreat ('''C'''10M, AB, T/RS, SN) <PREPARED>
*Feather Fall (''N''1M, AR, TC5, R60, SN)
*Identify ''N'' <PREPARED>
*Detect Magic '''(C)''' <PREPARED>
*Longstrider ''N''
*Shield of Faith '''(C)'''
*Shield (''N''I, AR, T/RS, SN) <PREPARED>
2nd Level: 3/3 slots
*Augery ''N''
*Blur  '''(C)''' <PREPARED> 
*Enlarge/Reduce '''(C)'''
*Enhance Ability '''(C)''' <PREPARED>
*Misty Step ''N'' <PREPARED>
3rd Level: 3/3 slots
*Blink ''N''
*Dispel Magic ''N'' <PREPARED>
*Haste '''(C)''' <PREPARED>
*Slow '''(C)''' 
*Sending ''N'' <PREPARED>
*Revivify ''N'' <PREPARED>

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