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'''Name:''' Ebankh  
'''Name:''' Ebankh  
[[Blank_Slate_Ebankh|Ebankh's Character Sheet]]
[[Blank_Slate_Ebankh|Ebankh's Character Sheet]] (retired)
[[Blank_Slate_Szuna|Szuna's Character Sheet]]
*Apparently not one of the living: heart unbeating, smells vaguely of gravesoil, vinegar, and regret. (Needs perfume to cover up the smell.)
*Loves books and libraries, for reasons he cannot recall.
*Companion (?) of Lannax's.
*Onetime member of House Natiu: married into the family, was slain by _____?______ in the Great Massacre a generation ago.
*Unaffected by alcohol, but drinks Tsevos out of habit.
* Has a supernatural, animalistic voice within him that demands to be released under pressure or threat of violence. Its name is Ghauragat.
* Partial memory loss, but tied somehow to House Natiu.
* Menaced by a dark-haired, apparently-long-lived woman of the city.
*Has a preternatural sense of others (or the minds of others?) in his surroundings: +++++
*Can sometimes remember Lore in this setting by involuntarily attempting to remember things from its original lifetime. +
*Sneaking -
*Invocations of divine protection: +
*Transmit thoughts/memories via touch: +
* Channel energies from the world of the dead (cold) ++
* Dodging attacks ++
* Investigation ++
* Can talk inanimate objects into "doing" things (?)
* Ritual spellcasting (sight) -
* Resist Spirit possession: -
=== Aliexster ===
=== Aliexster ===

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Blank Slate 5e

This is for keeping track of characters as they develop throughout the game as well as setting elements.


These will grow with time.






Lannax's Character Sheet


Name: Ebankh

Ebankh's Character Sheet (retired)

Szuna's Character Sheet


Ruri'Thali's Character Sheet


(combined with the other game)