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=== Stormraven ===
=== Stormraven ===
'''Name:''' Araine
'''Appearance''' Charcoal colored skin, bone-white hair, silvery-steel eyes, no pupils or irises. Tall.
'''Personality''' Fond of steamy romance stories. Only eats Fruits and Nuts. Pacifistic, prefers not to use lethal force, except in very specific cases.
'''Mental Powers'''
*'Augury' +
*Icicle Blast (Area Effect) +
*Mystical Tracking +
*Banishment +
*Multi-Target Ice Chain +
*Alchemy - A Recipe for Light +
*Astral Sight / Attack +
*Physical Attack +
*Modify Temperature
'''Character Sheet:'''
Race: Ariane Sex: F Age: ???
Sorcerer Level 12
Str 8 (-1) Dex 12 (+1) Con 14 (+2) Int 10 (+0) Wis 17 (+3) Cha 20 (+5)
HP: 74 (12d6)
Proficiencies (Bonus +4): Simple Weapons, Saving Throws Constitution, Charisma, Arcana, Religion, Alchemy Tools, Perception, Persuasion, Nature, Medicine
Class Abilities:
*Origin – Cryomancer (Pyromancer switched for cold damage)
*Heart of Fire = Heart of Ice, Cold damage, but otherwise the same. (i.e. Whenever you cast a spell that deals ice damage you can send out a blast of cold that hits any creature you wish within 10 feet of you. Deals damage equal to sorcerer level/2.
*Fire in the Veins = Ice in the Veins, Gain cold resistance. Your spells ignore cold resistance.
*Spellcasting = DC 17, Spell Attack +9
*Font of Magic = 10 Sorcery Points, Metamagic: Subtle Spell, Twinned Spell, Spellweaver (You can spend a sorcery point to cast a cantrip and use a higher level spell slot to accomplish something normally beyond the capabilities of the spell, but within the same sort of themes.)
*Ray of Frost
*Astral Touch (Shocking Grasp re-skinned for Radiant damage)
*Mage Hand
*Mold Earth
Spell Slots: 1st (4) 2nd (3) 3rd (3) 4th (3) 5th (2) 6th (1)
Spells Known: 12
1st Level
*Detect Thoughts
*Ice Knife
2nd Level
*Astral Reading
3rd Level
*Hold Person
*Ice Blast (Re-Skinned Fireball)
*Sleet Storm
4th Level
*Dimension Door
5th Level
6th Level
*True Seeing
=== Llayne ===
=== Llayne ===

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Blank Slate 5e

This is for keeping track of characters as they develop throughout the game as well as setting elements.


These will grow with time.






Lannax's Character Sheet


Name: Ebankh

Ebankh's Character Sheet


  • Apparently not one of the living: heart unbeating, smells vaguely of gravesoil, vinegar, and regret. (Needs perfume to cover up the smell.)
  • Loves books and libraries, for reasons he cannot recall.
  • Companion (?) of Lannax's.
  • Onetime member of House Natiu: married into the family, was slain by _____?______ in the Great Massacre a generation ago.
  • Unaffected by alcohol, but drinks Tsevos out of habit.
  • Has a supernatural, animalistic voice within him that demands to be released under pressure or threat of violence. Its name is Ghauragat.
  • Partial memory loss, but tied somehow to House Natiu.
  • Menaced by a dark-haired, apparently-long-lived woman of the city.


  • Has a preternatural sense of others (or the minds of others?) in his surroundings: +++++
  • Can sometimes remember Lore in this setting by involuntarily attempting to remember things from its original lifetime. +
  • Sneaking -
  • Invocations of divine protection: +
  • Transmit thoughts/memories via touch: +
  • Channel energies from the world of the dead (cold) ++
  • Dodging attacks ++
  • Investigation ++
  • Can talk inanimate objects into "doing" things (?)
  • Ritual spellcasting (sight) -
  • Resist Spirit possession: -


Ruri'Thali's Character Sheet


(combined with the other game)