Blood and Darkness

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A 40k game using A Song of Ice and Fire, by Scarik


Shariel Syren (ArdentDawn)

Xirhys Sybarite (insomniac)

Vespertil Beastmaster (Ladegard)


Dru'keth Rival Dracon




Ebon Razor PC Syndicate

The Whoresons Subject Syndicate of Ebon Razor

The Blighted Subject Syndicate of Ebon Razor

Forgotten Lives Subject Syndicate of Ebon Razor

The Underspires Subject Syndicate of the Whoresons

West Warren Crew Subject Syndicate of Forgotten Lives


Burnt Offerings Rival Syndicate, ruled by Dru'Keth

Fragmentors Subject of Burnt Offerings, ruled by Cazalin

Severed Lust Rival Syndicate, ruled by Laercha

Rules Changes and Adaptations

Regions Regions of Commorragh

Holdings Rules for how Holdings work in the Dark City

Sample NPCs Stock allies and antagonists.

Former PCs

Khazar Dracon (Silent Wayfarer)

Aerandioch Haemonculus (Tylorva)

Mazattren Incubus (Rincewind1)