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Blue Giant is a Science Fiction campaign setting for BESM set on the far side of the Milky Way at the dawn of the Fourth Millennium. Player Characters are Space Rangers who have to bring law and justice to the disputed territories between two vast interstellar nations.


Since the first great expansion, there have been rangers. Before that 'They' held the power. The government, the military, the contractors. But that all changed after the The Cygnan War, everyone had space ships and the Earth governments couldn't stop them all (and they tried). Colonists, settlers, refugees, criminals, they all fled into the uncharted arms of the galaxies. Every time a ship landed on a planet a new frontier was created and a new society formed. Not every settlement was a paradise, some failed, some fell to ruin, and others fell to war. Y'know, human stuff. Some folks tried to set things to rights, they became self appointed lawmen, travelling from world to world settling disputes one way or another. They saw a bigger picture, kept settlements in contact with the outside universe, and shot people who ticked off their sense of decency. They were the rangers.

In time new ways of doing things came about, rangers were written into settler law, and the independents had their champions. Civilization crept after the settlers like a damp stain and slowly congealed into nations and empires with names like the Federated Territories and the Astræ'an Empire. Now not so long ago, within the last couple of hundred years or so, the Feds coming clockwise around the galactic hub met the Imperial settlers coming anti-clockwise, and boy, did they completely fail to hit it off. There were wars, and genocides and all sorts of meanness, with the poor old independant settlers in the middle acting as points. Anyway, both sides eventually got sick of it all and signed a treaty. [big chunk of borderlands] was declared 'The Treaty Zone' and neither side was to lay a hand on it. So the Space Rangers came into being. A multilateral force of understaffed, under-equipped, overtrained marshalls put in charge of an area of space by two superpowers who don't belong there and are told. "Do good, uphold the treaty."


Design Notes

I'll be adding to these pages on and off. Full scenario write-ups will appear as the players work through them. First rule of refereeing; Never put more time into creating a world than you do running it, that way lies heartbreak and dissapointment. Please expect to find a few stub pages. So for now I'll just dump the pre-campaign notes and add as I go.

You may notice that the set-up is similar to the setting for Lightspeed by Christian Conkle. I noticed that too. Other inspirations include Firefly, Blakes 7, The Lensmen, and Known Space. I'm trying to avoid actual rip-offs, so if you see something that looks plagarised, let me know, so I can deny it strenuously.