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About a thousand or so years before the humans first took to space, a race of creatures called the Slugs developed a subspace field drive. They used it to slowly explore a region within the Cygnan spiral arm of the galaxy. They came across the species called Tumbleweeds who gained interstellar travel technology from them. The Tumbleweeds quickly explored the region and discovered several intelligent species, including the Lattice and Rourke's Spiders. They traded knowledge and technology and developed co-operative colonization techniques. This co-operative venture lasted for fourteen hundred years until they met the human species who started the Cygnan War.

Cygnan Species[edit]


A race of semi-intelligent armadillos with prehensile hands.


Creatures composed of silicon and radioactive materials. They grow like a giant fungal root system across the surface of whatever planet they inhabit. Their physiology acts, roughly speaking, like a giant semi-conducting computer chip. There is usually only one to a planet. They are sentient, knowledgeable about their environment and trade knowledge and computer time for radioactive material.


aka Rourke's Spiders- A bed-sized species looking roughly like “two headless tarantula spiders connected by a leather bag filled with bones”. Rourkes are a carbon-based species covered in a woody carapace. As you may imagine, first contact did not go well. (Especially not on Jack Rourke’s farmstead.) Rourkes don’t do science, relying on the co-operation of other species for their technology. Rourkes compete with humans for territory and resources. Individual Rourkes commonly display phobias about Tumbleweeds (see below).


Giant slugs the size of a pick-up truck with prehensile fronds at the front. A highly technological species, they also developed a subspace field drive. Slugs don’t communicate; they just do what Slugs do. The Rourkes hitch-hiked on Slug ships until they met the other species.


A perambulatory tangle of thorn covered wire with a central root-like stalk. Tumbleweeds are constrictors and are composed of shape memory metals that they can bend and flex at will. They are roughly the same size as tumbleweeds although on their home planet there are similarly formed non-sentient predators that can grow to the size of hippos. Tumbleweeds are most like humans in terms of psychology, reasoning and technological development. They obtained space flight technology from the Slugs and shared it with the Rourkes.


A Barbie is a non-sentient predator from the Tumbleweed ecosystem. It is about the size of a hippo and looks like a large silvery metallic nugget roughly two feet in length surrounded by a complex tangle of razor wire. It is a constrictor which feeds on the metal cores of other similar creatures. Its barbs are also acidic. The creature is domesticated, can just about be trained and fulfils the role of guard dog on many worlds. It's about as safe to keep as a pet tiger.

Barbies feel vibrations and, while they can be taught to attack intruders, will generally go for metallic armour or vehicles first, intruders second.


Body 8, Mind 2, Soul 5


Elasticity - 2, Focused Damage - 3 (Barbs), Heavy Armour - 1, Heightened Senses - 1 (touch), Life Support - 2, Natural Weapons - 2 (spines, tentacles), Special Movement - 1 (Wall Crawling), Stealth - 2, Weapon Attack - 1 (Acidic Digestion - burning, linked)


Awkward Size (2 BP), Cannot Talk (2 BP), Vulnerability (2 BP)(Electricity), Unskilled (2 BP)

Derived Values

Health Points: 65, Energy Points: 35, ACV: 5, DCV: 3,

Grapple Attack: ACV 7 (Unarmed combat 1), DCV 3 (Unarmed combat 1), Damage 15+7 Grapple + 15 Acid + 3 acid for next 5 rounds

Total CPs : 40

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