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A Star Trek Adventures game set in 2270, following the crew of the Constitution Class USS Endeavor.

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The Endeavor

The Ship Herself

Ship's Crew

Senior Staff

Role Officer
Captain Azolla sh'Aialik
First Officer* Tiv th'Qysren
Third Officer Sevek
Chief Engineer Gillian Maur
Head of Security Tiv th'Qysren
Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pond
Operations Manager Sylvia Kulkarni
Science Officer Hellek jav Pend
Flight Controller Lt. Vaseka (Supporting Character)
Communications Officer Elisabet ni Conor

Other Crew

Position/Department Crewperson
Security Crewman Kaipara (Very Large Human Security officer)
Engineering Lt. (j.g.) Zelaia Gazon-Lin (Deltan Engineer)
Science Ensign Silla (Aenar Botanist)
Medical Dr. Pond
Communications Lieutenant Klein
Lieutenant Tosann (Vulcan; Beta Shift)
Yeoman Prasha (Tiv's Caitian yeoman)

Player Characters

Supporting Characters

Current Mission Information

Character Information

Officer Dedication Stress Maximum Stress Avoided Injury Nonstandard Equipment
Hellek jav Pend 1 10
Elisabet ni Conor 1 12 Sword
Gillian Maur 1 11
Carolina Hamill 1 13 Sheer Awesomeness
Azolla sh'Aialik 0 12
Tiv th'Qysren 1 15 Ushaan blade and arm guard
Michael Chan 1 15

Momentum and Threat

Momentum Threat
2 14

Scene Traits

  • Near the Briar Patch


  • Endeavor-C PADD
  • Svorn, Endeavor-C stellar cartographer
  • Firm Understanding of Future Data


Mission Briefing

Important NPCs

Important Locations

Other Information

Setting Information

Beta Quadrant Gazeteer

Other Important Locations

Star Fleet Personnel and Ships

United Federation of Planets Personnel/Citizens

Previous Missions

  • Mission 1: The crew rescued a Federation Science Bureau survey team from a planetary brain, Deluvia VI. The rescue was effected by trading the planetary brain the contents of the Endeavor's memory banks in exchange for the scientists.
  • Mission 2: The crew of the Endeavor rescued the newly warp-capable inhabitants of Cayrel IV from the grip of Orion captain Melluk and his toadies. Along the way, they also improved diplomatic and trade relationships with the Gorn.
  • Mission 3: Endeavor is caught in a space-warping phenomenon emanating from the Briar Patch. The only way to escape it was to jump the ship forward in time. Unfortunately, the crew jumped a little farther than they may have intended...
  • Mission 4:: Finding themselves far in the future, the crew of the Endeavor learns of the terrible consequences of the curved space bubbles emanating from the Briar Patch. Svorn, rescued crew-member from the Endeavor-C in tow, and armed with new information, they return to their own time determined to end the phenomenon.


House Rules

  • Momentum Spends: Owing to the length of time a back-and-forth takes, going forward I'm going to assume that everyone is banking all of their Momentum unless (1) they say differently in their post or (2) you hit the group pool cap of 6. If banked Momentum would exceed the cap in the absence of some sort of direction from the player, I'll either ask the earning player how they want to spend it or, if either the situation isn't all that important or the optimal spend is obvious, I'll decide on the spend.
  • Supporting Character Tasks: Technically, Supporting Characters cannot attempt tasks with a difficulty higher than zero unless they're currently being controlled by a player. For the sake of streamlining the PbP experience, let's waive that rule. For any lengthy effort, a Supporting Character should be controlled by a player, but for one-off tasks, there's no Difficulty restriction.