Borderlands Isekai: Rich Armintraut

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Rich Armintraut is better known as "Splodey" at the popular game review site, He is a video game burnout who is mostly into realtime strategy games and enjoys blowing things up. He is only participating in the alpha test because his colleague Rachel "Elfwife" Garstein is taking some time off.

Yaxolotl AKA "Yax the Mighty" AKA "Yax the Pyromaniac Pyromancer" is Rich's idea of an RPG character. He is a Salimar wannabe wizard who wants to become more and more powerful, but also runs a business in traditional Salimar fashion selling spell components, blank scrolls, etc.

Rich/Yax is now mightily displeased at finding himself trapped within a video game/fantasy world and doesn't care who knows it.

Yax the Mighty

Heritage: Salimar


Family Trade: Video Game Reviewer

Role: Magic, Money, Comic Relief

Belief: All I need to be happy is respect and fire. Lots and lots of fire.

Traits Pyrothermic Healing


Spell-Touched (firey Salamander Magic)


Weapon Group

Light Melee (Staff).

The staff is made of a dark hard wood found in the swamps and is blackened from being set alight many, many times.


Wizard's Staff

Adventurer's Kit

Mojo Bag (ink, paper, alchemical reagents, dried frog pills...)

10 Gold