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Rough trade. A mercenary. Very tough.

Tall at 7'10, broad at 400lbs, strong even by standards set by Corwin, Eric and Gerard.

Borlak runs in the Rantar shadow systems that intersect with the shadows of Regor. He leads a cross-shadow nomadic horde in the millions. Single-minded as the seas, relentless as erosion, smart as a politician, merciless as death.

His refusal to submit to Random is listed as the Story-"Borlak-Mine is Rage" One day the forces of Amber will have a terrible time dealing with him.

He is a cross between Ceaser and Ghagis Khan with a pattern imprint.

His mother being Cymnea makes him a full brother of Osric, Finndo and Benedict. The discovery of Cymnea's relation to Oberon caused Oberon to disolve his marriage and institute the Consanguinity Laws His bitterness is high.