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Borgar was born among the Silfursvin clan of orcs, who dwelled on the island chain known as the Ring of Surtr. The central island of this chain, the largest, bore a volcano known as the Eye of Imix; clan legend held that a portal to the Underworld lay deep within it, and it was true that the mountain would at times disgorge terrible monsters: fiends, mutated animals, creatures of living lava, and worse. The Silfursvins believed it was their sacred duty to contain the horrors within the mountain, and their greatest warriors, the Andariddari, dedicated their lives to doing just that. Their patron was the god Silfurloginn, seen as an enormous silver boar with the silver scales of a dragon and tusks of fire, and whose sign was flames that burned silver.
Like most of his clan, Borgar trained as a warrior, but his true hope was to become an Andariddari, or spirit warrior, the chosen blades of Silfurloginn, wielding silver fire against the demons and their mortal servants. He grew into a powerful fighter, but showed no signs of Silfurloginn’s touch; he fought off raiders, hunted game, and accompanied a few raiding parties on the shores of the central island, but the touch of the Boar eluded him.
In his sixteenth year, now a fully-grown man by the standards of his people, Borgar returned from a scouting mission to find the clan in an uproar. There had been a killing: his father, Korgath, was dead, killed by unknown means, a mysterious sigil carved into the skin of his chest. None had seen a thing, and Mhi’daar, his mother, was inconsolable with rage and grief. The priests and hunters of the clan  could determine no more than that the killer had gone south, into the warmlands, there to bring death and misery to many others.
Furious, Borgar swore to track down his father’s killer. The elders forbade him to do so; the place of the Silfursvins was on their home islands, containing the horrors of the Eye of Imix. The young warrior argued, but the elders were obdurate. Finally, Borgar seized his father’s maul, held it aloft, and vowed to track down his father’s killer if it took ten lifetimes.
Silver fire burst from the weapon, engulfing Borgar; he refused to cry out, maintaining his grip on the handle. In an instant the fire died away, and those watching were amazed to see burn marks on Borgar’s forearms: burn marks in the unmistakable shapes of dancing flames, a perfect match to the tattoos borne by the Andariddari of Silfurloginn. Borgar had been chosen by the Flame, and such was the manner of his choosing that none of the elders would dare oppose his departure. He received a few days worth of instruction from the other Andariddari, bid his mother farewell, and set out into the world.
Although his quest is what drives him, Borgar has accepted the fact that it may take years or even decades to complete - the lands to the south are vaster than he ever imagined, and filled with more people than he dreamed could exist. Ever curious, he delves into cultures and customs wherever he goes, and if he holds tightly to his own peoples’ ways and beliefs, he is respectful of others. He has learned that, though the evil of the Eye of Imix is the responsibility of his people, there are many lesser evils at large in the world, and has taken it upon himself to hunt them down and destroy them wherever he can. It is, after all, what an Andariddari does, no matter where he finds himself.

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