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Borlak-Mine is Rage

Borlak is a son of Oberon and is not very happy about it. Once Oberon's boon companion in the conquest of warrior shadows dangerous to a small and growing Kingdom of Amber. There is not argument that he was genetically placed between the four of Oberon's senior children Oscric, Finndo, and Benedict, and a daughter Orsolla, and the Children of Fiella;Eric, Corwin, and Deirdre.

In time Oberon decided he was unsuitable for the company of the people he was bringing to Amber. He exiled Borlak.

Over the millenniums Borlak found follower as bitter as he was at treasons and treacheries against them. In a mighty land called Rentar he conquered a large kingdom of horse warriors and took its throne. Then he imposed a powerful will upon them. Enslaved those that would not bow before him. The warriors who were worshipful were given great dominion over others. There was great bloodshed. Th realm was stripped of provender, left in ruins, and Borlak took the warrior class and left shadow.

He called his forces the Flowing Horde of the Rentar, and he led them through shadow ravaging shadows, slaying populations, taking what they wished, killing, burning, destroying everything in their wake. He encouraged his warriors to impregnate as many women as possible. There were no laws save obey Borlak. In time the children of Rentar warriors grew up to follow Borlak, and the generations came and went. In time he had only worshipful followers rich on the foraging hoard traveling through shadow.

In time Borlak found and bonded with the Primal Best Tiger[[1]]. They became companions in bloody and cruel hunts across shadow.

Many of the shadows he raided were in the Regor sway, where he is called the Scourge of Regor, and considered a demon.

Warrior Bands of the Hoard of Rentar

There are many mighty warrior bands in the Flowing Horde.

  • Agvash and the Tooth Warriors. Agash is a War Troll in the service of Borlak. 14' tall riding beast form of T-Rex. He also has a horde of his modified T-Rex mounted by smaller war Trolls. His company of 1000 warriors is one of the shock forces in the mighty army of Borlak