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File:Brio Logo.JPG Magic Schools are the backbone of the magic system in Brio, they are the unifying theme for the magic known by a mage. Although mages often learn the magic of several schools it is uncommon to find mages who have mastered more then one.

School Template & Options

Kemed-Common Dwarven Mage


Related Traits

Kemed Apprentice(20 cp)


One of the oldest schools of necromancy on Brio, the Fen-Resh have existed for over 2000 years as a secret society. Named after its creator, a powerful lich, the school was founded in a small human village which was destroyed during the creation of the Scar of Antesh.

The school gained brief legitimacy in the human kingdoms approximatly 1000 years ago when they began selling there abilities to create pacts to the wealthy merchants to help ensure that agreements were adhered to. They maintain some level of respectability in some corners because of this.


Intellegence 7, Will 6, a willingness to deal with death spirits and the undead.

Related Traits

Fen-Resh Apprentice(20 cp) Trained
This trait gives the character access to the following spell bases:
Bone Construct - A minor animation spell specific to bones
Infect - a spell which induces a fast spreading infection in an existing wound
Revulsion - a minor fear inducing spell
Shadow - a spell which intensifies an existing shadow to better hide the caster
Last Sight - a spell which provides the caster with intimate knowledge of the conditions under which a paticular creature died Bleed - causes an existing slashing or piercing wound to not clog normally

Fen-Resh Adept(20 cp) Trained
This trait gives the character access to the following spell bases:
Decay - a spell which induces a massively increased rate of decay in an inanimate object
Circle vs Undead - a circle that wards off unintellegent undead
Curse of the Flesh - a spell which reduces the targets physical attributes
Curse of the Mind - a spell which reduces the targets Mental attributes
Curse of the Soul - a spell which reduces the targets Soul attributes
Defoliating Touch - causes the casters touch to gain a potent herbicidale effect
Mask of the Dead - this spell causes undead to only detect the caster as a mindless undead

Fen-Resh Master(20 cp) Trained
This trait gives the character access to the following spell bases:
Blood Oath - creates a seal on an agreement which bonds the oath taker
Conjure Wraith - conjures a wraith under the control of the caster
Mark of Pain - a rune that can mark a characters body causing pain under pre described conditions
Wall of Shadow - creates a wall which is difficult and disorntating to try to pass through
Curse - Reduces all of the targets attributes
Defoliating Aura - causes the caster to gain a aura which defoliates an area around them
Transplant - this spell enables the caster to replace a missing limb with any other limb
Speak with the Dead - allows the caster to have a conversation with a known spirit

Fen-Resh Grand Master(20 cp) Trained
This trait gives the character access to the following spell bases:
Dark Pact - a more powerful pact which compels the parties to an agreement under pain of death
Lich - a powerful permenant transformation for the caster into a skeletal form
Form of Greater Death - a temporary transformation into one of the greater death fiends
Defile - creates an area where death and dark magic work with greater effectiveness and light and life magic are diminished
Aura of the Deathlord - creates an aura of terror around the caster
Wailing Wall - creates a wall which induces terror in any creature comming withen range
Pestielence - creates a contageous disease which results in weakness and sometimes death
Famine - creates a contagious disease which prohibits the infected from gaining sustenence
Age - Ages the target
Walk the Dark Viel - this spell allows the caster to barter with the spirits for possession of a soul

Spell Book

Bone Construct (Casting)
Conjuration, Necromancy, Animation, Evil
Base Difficulty: 10 (17)
Base Range: Touch (Touch) ; 3m per +1 Difficulty
AOE: 1 Construct (1 Construct) ; +1 Construct per +4 Difficulty
Drain: 3 MP (3 MP) ; -1 Drain (max 2) per +2 Difficulty
Cast Time: 8 (8) ; -1 Cast Time (max 4) per Difficulty
Material: Bones from one medium creature per construct
Result: Animates a Level 1 Construct from a medium skeleton

This spell allows the necromancer to animate a/several skeletal constructs.



Related Traits