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File:Brio Logo.JPG This is the master traits list, any ability that a character may possess that isn't naturally derived from a attribute or characteristic and isn't very specific to a race or archetype belongs here.

General Traits

General traits are usually available to most characters, they are not mystical in nature and do not required any paticular physical trait.


Availability: All The character has an unusual level of talent with there off hand. For 5cp the character is able to use either hand with the same effectiveness most use there primary hand. For 15cp the character has developed the talent to use both hands at the same time with an amazing degree of control.(see weapon skills: dual wielding for weapon combinations)

Natural Apptitude(10-50cp)

Availablitity: All The player/GM chooses a single skill with which their character displays an amazing natural talent for. Whenever a roll is called for that involves the skill a third die is rolled after the initial two and the player chooses wether to replace either of the initial dice with the third dice. For rolls of 2d10 it is irrelevent as to wether the die is rolled after or simultainiously but for percentile rolls in paticular the difference can be substantial.

The Cost of the natural apptitude is based on how hard the skill is. The natural apptitude costs 10cp for each point of base cost. So Doctor(5/-2) would cost 50cp, while Search(2/0) would only cost 20. The exception to these costs is that weapon skills and magic skills always cost 50, for the sake of game balance.

Racial Traits

Mystical Traits