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Dwellers in Dark Dungeons Burgar the Half-man

  • Race Halfling
  • XP: 1283
  • Alignment: Neutral


  • STR 10
  • INT 10
  • WIS 6
  • DEX 11
  • CON 16
  • CHA 9


Hard to Spot. Halflings have the ability to blend into the background, making them difficult to spot under normal conditions. They are able to Hide in Shadows as a thief with a roll of 11+. Hard to Hit. When engaged in melee against creatures larger than man-size they gain a +2 bonus to their armor class. Quick Thinking. Halflings gain a +1 bonus to their Initiative rolls. Ranged Mastery. When using a missile to thrown weapon halflings gain a +1 bonus to their attack rolls.


Dungeon Dweller. Accustomed to a life lived underground, the character is used to navigating a subterranean existence. They are skilled at foraging for food and water in underground environments, are less likely to get lost while underground and can sense changes in elevation as a dwarf. They are also used to the miasmal underground air, and do not need to rest every 6th turn as do aboveground dwellers.



Deadly Shot Knack, dealing an extra +1 damage with ranged attacks


  • AC 3
  • HP 7
  • Movement Rate
  • Initiative Modifier
  • Attacks
    • Primary Melee Attack: +1/1d6 damage (spear)
    • Secondary Melee Attack:
    • Primary Ranged Attack: +2/1d6+1 damage (shortbow)
  • Saves:
    • Petrification & Paralysis
    • Poison & Death
    • Breath
    • Staves & Wands
    • Spells


  • Money:
  • Readied:

Platemail Spear Shortbow

  • Packed

Arrows (20) Rope Tinderbox