Bugbear Loot

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- Main Page; Keep On The Borderlands

     452 sp                                      Group Loot - split between others.
     500 sp                                      Dayrell Goldenbrow
     600 sp                                      The Red Walker
     132 gp                                      Dayrell Goldenbrow
      32 pp                                      Dayrell Goldenbrow
      silver urn (175 gp)                        The Red Walker
      gold chain (100 gp)                        The Red Walker
      gold chain (100 gp)                        The Red Walker
      gold chain w/ gem (600 gp)                 The Red Walker
      gems (50, 100, 500)                        The Red Walker
      alabaster and ivory statue (200 gp)        The Red Walker
      silk (200, 200, 200, 200, 200, 200)        Dayrell Goldenbrow
      keg of oil (20 flasks worth)               Group Loot
      ale, wine, and foodstuffs                  Group Loot
      miscellaneous bugbear loot (400 gp)        The Red Walker
   Armor & Weapons:
      Scroll:  Silence 15' Radius (cleric spell)  Arthrella Finas
      2 potions (Healing, Healing)                Dayrell Goldenbrow, Knuckle Sarnie
      Yeadon's mace                               Knuckle Sarnie
      Yeadon's shield                             Dayrell Goldenbrow
      Yeadon's plate mail                         Arthrella Finas
      chieftain's hand axe                        Pearl
      bugbear shield                              Pearl