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'''Material''' 4D (Concrete) Cost: ''3D'' (1D free)<br>
'''Material''' 4D (Concrete) Cost: ''3D'' (1D free)<br>
'''Technology''' 2D (Armor Repair 2D) Cost: ''3D''<br>
'''Technology''' 2D (Armor Repair 2D) Cost: ''3D'' S.C.A.R.F. Self-Contained Autonomous Repair Facility<br>
'''Teleportation''' 2D (Neighborhood) Cost: ''2D''<br>
'''Teleportation''' 2D (Neighborhood) Cost: ''2D''<br>

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Image Resistances (4D) Aptitudes (5D)

General armor build, except no guns. Bulwark3.jpg Armor coloration, the glowing bits are teal. Bulwark1.png

Composure 1D
Fortitude 3D
Reaction 2D
Will 2D
Awareness 2D
Intrustion 3D
Technology 2D
Streeetwise 3D
Powers (14D) Adds/Disadds (-5D)

Armor 5D (5D)

Boost: Soak
Device: Armor

Life Support 2D (1D)

(Underwarter, Fire)
Device: Armor

Super Strength 4D (4D)

Boost: Ground Pound 1D
Device: Armor

Super Aptitude: Fighting 4D (2D)

Limit: Melee Only
Device: Armor

Telekinesis 4D (2D)

Complication: Push and Pull only
Complication: Visible
Device: Armor
Multipower: (Swinging + Wall Crawler)
Flight 2D
Wallcrawler 2D


Is that your best shot?


Social Hinderence: Prepubescent
Dependent: Amelia
Secret Identity
Mental Hinderence: Glory Hound
Enemy: the Catalyst

Competency Pool: 2D



Nicky's dependent is his older sister Amelia. Their parents are dead so his sister is going to school full time, working full time, and supposedly taking care of Nicky (she's one of the only people that calls him Noah) full time, but the first two activities leave her a wreck, so Nicky has to do the cooking, cleaning, and run errands and stuff so his sister doesn't get kicked out of school or fired.

The Catalyst was Bulwark I's nemesis, and now they have a mad-on for Bulwark II. In some ways, they can be considered exact opposites. While Bulwark I created a suit that used advanced technology to become a hero, the Catalyst created a bio-engineered organic suit and started a crusade to 'evolve' humanity with the knowledge he continually gleaned from experiments on the Twiceborn and other 'alien' organisms that came through the gate.

He has a cult (of varying sizes throughout the years) that consists of humans and lower-ranking twiceborn who follow him religiously. He mutates them with his bio-engineering to grant them powers beyond what they would ordinarily have.

His followers call themselves the Reagents. At this time, for the young hero and his allies, the Catalyst and his Reagents are a serious threat.

Nobody knows if the original Bulwark is dead, but he hasn't been seen for 7 years or so. (or whatever timeframe suits your machinations)

Bulwark I was battling the Supervillain Ember, a woman that can transform her body into a living, well, ember. Her powered form features cracks of molten orange shining through skin that looks like it's made of ash. Not only can she shed ash to make obscuring clouds, but she can fly and has a disintegrating touch.

They battled in the sky, and Bulwark went down multiple times, coming back a few minutes later each time to renew the fight. (This is part of what leads people to believe there were multiple Bulwark suits, but the ash in the sky made it difficult to get good quality video of the fight).

She was building up for a final attack when Bulwark charged in at met her head-on. When the flash faded and the ash blew away, Ember was down for the count and Bulwark was nowhere to be seen.

There were a lot of people that died during that battle, so most people believe that Bulwark was one of those that died that day. Speculation ran rampant for a while, but it died down as other heroes of the time fought amazing battles of their own.

Nicky has a mad-on for Ember, but he is also (rightfully) a little afraid of her. This is not enough to warrant a disadvantage.

The speedster saved Nicky before he became Bulwark, and Hermes actually saved Nicky from himself. He was getting desperate and decided to break into somebody's apartment to steal stuff in the hope of selling it and paying for groceries or whatever. Luck was not with Nicky because a fire broke out in the building, trapping him at the scene of the crime.

He was certain the rescue workers were going to catch him red-handed, but then there was a blur and a moment of disorientation and Nicky found himself on the street with a bunch of other residents. Then he got the chance to see Hermes in action, depositing more and more people on the street after he saved them.

The young hero spared a few moments to talk to Nicky afterward, and though he didn't say it directly, Nicky got the impression that Hermes knew that he had been in the middle of burglarizing that room. With a comment about 'walking the right path', Hermes let Nicky off without turning him in.

Later that weekend is when Nicky stumbled upon the Bunker. With Hermes's words fresh in his mind, Nicky set about becoming the new Bulwark.

Due to Bulwark I's battle with Ember and Nicky's own brush with fire while being trapped in a building fire, he is a little nervous around fire, even though the Bulwark suit protects him from it. This isn't worth a disadvantage, however.

Emergency Bunker - Buried somewhere under the city, it appears to be a fallback base in the event Bulwark I's main hideout was compromised. It has a Fully Automated Recycling/Repair Bay which can take scrap materials (rebar, i-beams, a large spool of copper wire) and turn them into alloys suitable for repairing the Bulwark armor... and then performing those repairs.

I picture it having a small kitchen/living area, a bunkroom with attached sanitary space, and some sort of storeroom full of non-perishable food/supplies. More emergency bomb shelter than a super-hero base.

There ALSO is that one heavy blast door that nobody has been able to open... but that probably just to the sewers or a cave. Right? (Possible story hook or room for future expansion. Oh... that's what's on the other side of that door?)

While exploring the underground (parts of the city were built ontop of the ruins created in the war) Nicky found a small silver disk like a watch battery. Upon pressing it he was teleported into the Bunker, and his origin story began.

Size 2D (4 rooms) Cost: 1D (1D free)
Security 2D (no physical entrance) Cost 1D (1D free)
Material 4D (Concrete) Cost: 3D (1D free)
Technology 2D (Armor Repair 2D) Cost: 3D S.C.A.R.F. Self-Contained Autonomous Repair Facility
POWERS Teleportation 2D (Neighborhood) Cost: 2D
-Complication: Scanned/Marked Individuals Only

The original Bulwark's suit was made of an alien (or high tech) alloy that was bluish-silver in color, and the 'armor plates' were chromed so that it was more effective against energy weapons (think Glitterboy armor from Rifts) The armor was heavily damaged and sitting in the repair bay when Nicky was first teleported down there. He had to locate whatever metals he could find, teleport back to the base with them, and feed them to the recycling contraption to get the suit up and running.

Part of that was a large spool of copper cable, which the repair bay turned into some sort of bronze alloy and used it for the less exposed areas of the suit. The rest was made of steel recovered from rebar, railroad spikes, i-beams and the like, soo the bulk of the armor has a dark steel/gray color. Overall the suit is definitely less effective than the original.

Played by: Llayne