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As shadow can sometimes toss the wild and the weird on the shores of Amber,its not a surprise that someone like Bunny Free would make a big enough pest of himself that military action was needed.

Bunny Free was a comedian, a pirate, a bon vivant, a pacifist, a wine collector of note,a Broken Pattern adapt, and above all a first class madman.


Born in the city of Gorsali in the shadow of Larengar, he was an apprentice of Erasumus Braldig. He developed steam powered ships and began raiding Amber trade routes across a dozen shadows. His general method was using non-lethal assaults, knock out gases, hardening foams, magic damps, stun bombs, and sleep magics. Stealing anything of value from his disabled foes, he often left behind treasures of great value to mitigate the anger of certain victims. Afterwards, the tales of his battles became the ribald songs sung at comedy and humor sites across shadow.

The Siege of Bunny Free[edit]

His mention in this tome comes from an accidental incident that got out of hand for all participants. Frequently called Bunny Free's Siege. As the master of a fleet of over 40 ships ranging in technological levels he orchestrated piracy across shadow, while keeping his activities out of the shadow of Larengar in order to fence items acquired at sea.

His fleet attacked a group of 7 ships on a well-traveled cross-shadow shipping lane. Out numbering them 3 to 1 he forced them into a small cove and blocked their exit. Sending several crafts to board the ships. There he discovered that the ship was carrying a vast fortune to Amber as well as several members of the Queen of Amber's shadow family. After further investigation he discovered Queen Clarissa herself.

Soon the military situation got out of hand as forces of Amber and Bunny Free ground into a standoff. Weeks passed. The details of the who and why could fill a volume as friends and foe joined one side or another. It should be noted, that despite the violent conclusion of the siege, very little bloodshed occurred till the end.

Bunny was a known advocate of peaceful solutions, as well as peaceful piracy, he had supporters and detractors crossing many levels of social strata. Queen Clarissa was known as quite fiery and fun-loving and there is a great deal of evidence that she was responsible for many of the arguments in the negotiations and the increasingly bizarre requirements for her upkeep and entertainment, trying to drag the Siege on as she was having a great deal of fun with Bunny and his peaceful comedy troupe of pirates. Bunny and Clarissa were surprised by the outpouring of anger and support.

It was rumored, reported, even accused, that Bunny and Clarissa spent much of the Siege in the company of the intimates of side, drinking, singing, celebrating and partying while the forces of Amber amassed. The end of the siege was shockingly brutal compared to the previous forms of defence used by the Bunny Free fleet.

In the end, Admiral Jopin of Talgwin lead a force into battle and broke the siege. A small group led by Sir Gangdis of Casowill[[1]] rescued Queen Clarissa. Free's forces were demolished and he barely escaped with his life, fleeing into shadow, and escaping detection.

Official Status[edit]

  • Technically there is an outstanding death warrent under Oberon's name
  • There is an official pardon in exchange for services in the Patternfall War under Eric's name. It includes a commission as Brevet Captain of the Navy. There is no evidence that Free ever claimed the pardon and the commission but there is evidence that sea force under his banner fought in a swath of shadows between Begma and Diego as well as other naval engagements in shadows where the Black Road crossed bodies of water. If evidence to these engagements was presented King Random has expressed an interest in confirming the documents.


In recent years he has appeared in Adrian's Dramaturgy. He does not maintain a regular venue, but is a familiar face at many productions. He is a very popular guest at parties in Mandalay and frequently can be found in the Hub of Mandalay.

Many believe/fear that he might one day achieve a Lordship in Mandalay.

Far Isle[edit]

In his days of piracy he was a frequent presence in Far Isle. Brining in supplies, fencing goods, taking on sailors and letting some off. He has a residence someplace in the Isle and many of his past sailors have huts and are active in commerce in the FI.