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(The Bursain Deck)
(The Bursain Deck)
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Bursain The Rock Cut Lose.


Creation of Bursain

The squiggle of Bursain was a flawed creation from the first step. A squiggle is a construct using the Jewel of Judgment, either as a short work, or as the result of a failed attempt to create a pattern.

Bursain was a creation of Finndo's in an attempt to create an island after his disastrous reign as King of Amber. The Squiggle was created by King Finndo of Amber using the Jewel of Judgment as he attempted to flee an angry Oberon. He had held the throne of Amber for nearly a hundred years during a sudden unexplained absence of Oberon.

Finndo's intention was to create a island of reality that Oberon could not chase him into. He vastly underestimated Oberon's powers and was eventually chased from the relative security of his creation into deep exile in Shadow. He left behind a collection of shadows controlled by the wearer of the Blade of Bursain-Rosguara (Rock Guard) The squiggle was created on a lesser pinnacle of the Rock Kolvir in the realm of the Primal Patter on Amber. It ripped the rock from the mountain, hurling it into shadow. was

Realms of Bursain

Bursain is a limited shadow system of 5 shadows. All are fairly watery worlds. All have fairly dynamic landscapes. While there is some racial diversity across the worlds the main stock of people are a generally human race with a wide variety of strikingly different coloration. Hair colors range from blond to black, but incude a wide range of pastel colors as well.


A forested wet world with many waterways.


A rocky snowy world.


A desert world divided by lush river valleys. There are two main cultures in Brimsath. The desert dwelling Alonaseth and the Valley dwelling Romsath.

  • Alonaseth

They are a mixture of nomad peoples with large oasis based cities. Most of the Oasis cities are hard stone structures surrounded by tent cities and encampments. There are groups of nomads who move from oasis to oasis following the migratory animals they live on. Some nomads follow the "Alosaga Plants" that grow quickly.

    • Alosaga Plants

The Alosaga Plants are a highly mobile plant with several stages of life. It is a large heavy wooded plant with no permanent roots. It blows around with the desert winds. When the plant detects water pockets it quickly sends roots into the water. Within a few days long thin roots will anchor the tree in place. Then the plant sprouts wide thick leaves a foot across and 2 feet long. Tubers like potatoes grow quickly on the roots, storing water. A rich stone fruit grows above ground with a juicy pulp. The woody branches grow a stiff short spines that can be removed easily and are ground into flower.

Many Alosaga are tended reverently by family groups. They are not harnessed, but allowed to move with the winds, as the family follow it, harvesting the spines, fruits, leaves, and tubers. Spines can be ground and used like flour. Fruits can be uses similar to peaches and apricots, stone seeds planted can grow new plants, tubers can be used like potatoes. Leaves are mashed to remove sugar, eaten cooked and raw before and after the the sugar is removed. the leaves can be dried and for a pleasant sweet smoking material.

Produce is farmed and sold as well as consumed by the tending families.

  • Romsath

A nomadic people living in the lush river valleys like elvers or rangers.


A stringy world made of long thin land bridges, islands and waterways.


Functions in Shadow

Bursain is a limited shadow system but it has many of the functions of the full Pattern. A sigil of Bursain can be used in the same ways a Sign of the Pattern can be used for magical defenses, channeling raw power, and hanging spells. A

Sigil of Bursain

  • 10 pip Basic Imprint. Frame can hold 8 Minor Spells and 4 Major Spell
  • 20 pip Advanced Imprint. Frame can hold 12 Minor Spells and 6 Major Spell
  • 40 pip Lord's Imprint. Frame can hold 16 Minor Spells and 9 Major Spell
  • The can direct a fire based attack powered to half its wielder's pysche. 1' wide. This also equates to controlling fire to some degree, high, lower. Start Fires, squelch fire.
  • It can direct an earth based attack of 4' in diameter equal to the psyche of the wielder, Available earth matter must be available. This works as dig holes or trench, rotate soil. helpful in construction and gardening.
  • It can funnel tornado attacks. Storm required. In some caes may start a rain storm if the clouds were saturated enough.
  • It can funnel water based attacks. it can funnel water like a stream. Helpful for filling containers, ponds,
  • It can create a screen against magical attacks equal to psyche. This functions in an attack to sever trumps, and disrupt ongoing magical activities.

Suggestions and suspicions about the Inscription of Bursain

  • The inscription is considered an incomplete inscription. Many attempts to finish the inscription have failed for unknown reasons.
  • The prevailing view is that the unfinished piece can not be finished since its creator badly bumbled the creation. However it is widely believed by magical theory strongly believes that the massive unfinished work may be able to be used to add power or even complete correctly inscribed squiggles.
  • There has long been a belief that if the Rock Guard was driven into a squiggle it might join the two. So those from systems of Azcala, Regor, Trasidy,Alamond, Thule, Atlantis, Adagalasck, and Talwas have been trying to gain access to Bursain and gain the blade for ages.
  • Some believe the Rock Guard might add or repair destroyed realms like Paragon and Calmir'
  • Some believe the Rock Guard and the addition of reality might elevate a shade pattern to a level far beyond its own.

Rosguara- The Rock Guard

Blade of Bursain

Bursainbladewiki1.jpg Bursaintorc1.jpg

The blade has an intelligence of its own and agendas of its own but it loyally serves the person willing to guard the existence Bursain. It tends toward sarcasm which previous wielders have considered a flaw in the item's construction.

Blade has Paramount Vitality and transfer's it to its wielder.

It does paramount level damage depending on its shape.

Creates a paramount psychic barrier for its self and its wielder. It can also confer that barrier to others.

It can move of its own will at engine speed up to 120 mph and can carry its wielder.

As an artifact it rarely tires and can transfer endless level stamina to its wielder. It can also lend endless stamina to others.

It has a fighting prowess equal to mastery and can transfer that to its wielder using it or using other weapons while bearing it.

It can also add Combat mastery to others. It is invulnerable to damage and can transfer that degree of armor to its wearer. It can also lend that that invulnerability to others.

On its own power of movement it can through shadow. It can confer that power to its wielder.

Its wielder regenerates at a paramount level.

The item can change its shape at will, usually remaining in the form of a scramasex or long Bowie style knife, but also frequently taking the form of a chain-mail bracelet or a torc.

The item also acts like a trump with a number of stored people it can contact.

The Scabbard of the Rock Guard

While not sentient to a high degree it can act on its own, usually in concert with the blade.

The scabbard has been given to others occasionally to allow someone to teleport to the holder of the Blade of Bursain

Blade of Bursain -Rosguara

Game Stats-170 pips

  • Paramount Vitality 8 (Transfer Quality 5)
  • Movement Engine Speed 4(Flying)
  • Stamina Endless 4(Transfer Quality 5)
  • Combat Mastery 4 (Transfer Quality 5)
  • Armor Invulnerable 4 (Transfer Quality 5)
  • Paramount Damage 8 (Transfer Quality 5)
  • Tongues 4 (Transfer Quality 5)
  • Extraordinary psyche sensitivity 4 (Transfer Quality 5)
  • Paramount Psychic barrier 8 (Transfer Quality 5)

  • Seek in Shadow 4 (Transfer Power 10)
  • Paramount Healing regeneration 8 (Transfer Power 10)
  • Item Shape Shift 4 (Transfer Power 10)
  • Paramount Rack and Use Spells 8
  • Trump Deck 2 pip.

Scabbard of the Rock Guard (49 pips)

  • Amber Vitality 4
  • Invulnerable Armor 4
  • Able to Speak 1
  • Extraordinary Psych Sensitive 4
  • Psychic Barrier 4
  • Extraordinary Shadow movement 8 (transfer Power 10)-The holder of the Scabbard can teleport through shadow to the Blade of Bursain if they are attuned to the blade.
  • Limited Shape Shift 4-The Scabbard can shit to a shape compatible to the shape the blade is using.

Bursain Deck

The Bursain Deck

A deck that has recently appeared

Green-Vek Green-Delwin Green-Arloxedra Green-Rapheal
Vek ch.jpg Delwin2.jpg Arloxedra.jpg Raphael2.jpg
Green-Alexandra Green-Zachary Green-Yalla Green-Grace
Alexandra-tazilwere1.jpg Zachary.jpg YallaGanth.jpg Grace.jpg
Blue-Borlack Blue-Donovan Blue-Maylon Blue-Derek
D-borlak.jpg Donovan1.jpg Maylon.jpg Derek.jpg
Blue-Jurt Blue-Alvah Joker-Bleys Blue-Skadi
Jurt-ja.jpg Alvah1.jpg D-bleys.jpg Skadi1.jpg


Jeweled Amber