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Clean Halls and Dens-Swords for Hire[edit]

  • CHAD is a mercenary hiring organization where a single soldier or an army may be hired, according to the need of the patron. FOunded by Lop of Tosa, it originally ran out of the Palace Commons in Old Wall, Tosa. Eventually the CHAD organization grew and required its own hall. At first a social group of warriors it became a hiring place and eventually a guild for warriors. Over time it became a nearly all encompassing group providing lodgings, banking services, medical care, magical research, and legal protection.

In time both Palace Commons and CHAD Halls began popping up in many cities and many worlds across the Tosian universe. Eventually growing to include many lodges in the York Shadow systems as well.

Now a cross between a Fraternal Organization, a secret Society, and a Employment agencies, the CHAD warriors are common sights in many Tosian/York worlds. CHAD will only hire warriors to one side of a conflict. Often disputes are settled by the appearance of CHAD warriors on one side of the battlefield or the other.

  • CHAD hires warriors for small jobs as well as big ones. A single warrior or specialist may be hired as easily as a small band or company. A mainstay of the group are caravan guards who serve as military defense and stevedores.

Magicians, and various types of spell casters and healers are frequently requested hirelings of CHAD

While many assassins are members of CHAD, the organization is very sensitive to being called an Assassin's Guild.

Members of CHAD[edit]

  • Lop of Tosa is the founder and leader of CHAD but defers the day to day work of the orginization to the CHAD Guildmaster.

Many notable heros of the Tosian/York worlds have been acknowledged Guildmasters of CHAD. Sir Dolki Fairhand, Fortunadas, Jeremy Fairhand, Venki Fairhand *Digan the Ruby Mage(briefly), and Alexandir_Kos_Korag_III. The current Guildmaster of CHAD is Jake Whitetail of Jake and Kirgor.

  • Recently, the Chad Grand Hall relocated from the city of Wall,Tosa to the City of Amber.

Hired by King Random of Amber to provide guards and road defense on the Jeweled Road.

Notable Members of CHAD[edit]

Lop.jpg Fort3.jpg Jakewhitetail2.jpg Sword Banded to Sir Kirgor the Red Kirgorthered1.jpg Sword Banded to Sir Jake whitetail
Sir Lop of Wall-Founder. Past Guild Master of CHAD. Owner of the Palace Commons et al. Sir Fortunadas-Diplomatic Services. Secondary Guild Master Thrice Crowned Bard. Past Guild Mastr Sir Jack Whitetail-First Force Commander. Current Guildmaster. Sir Kirgor the Red-First Force Second Commander
Alexandirkoskorag.jpg Arin.jpg Tarooos1.jpg Digan.jpg
King Alexandir Kos Korag-Past Guildmaster King Arin of Freestate- Force Commander Sir Tarooos-King Arin's Bodyguard Sir Digan the Ruby Mage. Magical Services
Boxlifter.jpg Ascorbic.jpg Giuness.jpg Vomil2.jpg
Sir Boxlifter Sir Ascorbic Sir Giuness Sir Vomil
Vonny1.jpg Merceno.jpg Zatonic5.jpg Geata1.jpg
Vonnilia She who slept with Monsters 'Merceno the Black-Deniable Fatalities Specialists Zatonic the Large-Shock Attack Specialists Geata Rockbreaker-Shock Attack Specialists
Parrot.jpg Stryker.jpg Psaltry.jpg Mitcholt.jpg
Parrot- Admiral of the CHAD Navy 'Sir Stryker-Force Commander Dame Psalty-Cavalry Commander Sir Mitcolt Kandif-Personal Relations
Grog.jpg Mikon.jpg Venkifairhand.jpg Jeremy.jpg
"Grog & Mikon-Dwarven Shock Corp "Grog & Mikon-Dwarven Shock Corp Sir Venki FairhandMorale Services Thrice Crowned Bard Magus Primus Jeremy Fairhand-Magical Services
Dolki1.jpg Reltorious.jpg Topatia2.jpg Harriet.jpg
Sir Dolki Fairhand-Field Logistics Sir Reltioriious Winteri Savior/Slayer Cadre Commander Dame Topatia of Tosa-SSC Armored Clerics Order Dame Harriet of the Reese-Healing Command
Wenda.jpg Kimal Kirt.jpg Custus of Grastor.jpg Hibbit2.jpg
Baroness Wenda the Worldly Kimal Kirt Sir Custus of Grastor Wall-Shock Team Custus Hibbit-the Boggie
Farsk Vislar.jpg Grin Emilis
Farsk, the half-human, half, something uncertain-Shock Team Custus Vislar, the half-orc brute-Shock Team Custus Grin, the Fighter thief-Shock Team Custus Emilis, the disgraced half elven fighter thief-Shock Team Custus
Carston Brak.jpg Shanaanor.jpg Cantor.jpg Janak.jpg
Sir Carston Brak. Commander without Portfolio, CHAD Main Force Legions. On Extended Leave. Dame Shana Anor. Cleric of Dolki Sir Cantor- Sword Banded to Sir Janak. Company Commander Sir Janak-Sword Banded to Sir Cantor