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  • Xorit: Bannerlord of the Odaraxta, Clan Lord of Trixta
  • Trualta: Horse Lord of the East Wind and Master of Air
  • Auro Frax; Taur Hoof Leader of the East Herd of the East Wind
  • Clan Kalota
    • Datarik-Title to be determined
    • Criskis-Clan Chamberlain
  • South Wind Leadership Team
    • Fortunadus: 2nd in Command, CHAD, Rasak
    • Sir Carston of Wall: 3rd in Command, CHAD, Rasak
    • Duke Zatonic: Huge Human, CHAD
    • Geata: Human, Logistics, CHAD
    • Venki: CHAD, Leader of the Lullaby League
    • Escha: CHAD, Lullaby League
    • Richanis: CHAD, Lullaby League
    • Cassiky Lars: CHAD, Lullaby League
    • First Force Commander Jake Whitetail; Centaur, CHAD
    • Dame Harriet of Reese; short Human, CHAD
  • South Wind Tower Staff
    • Dame Wilma of the South Wind
  • South Wind Rulers & Commanders
    • Opasen Vrag; Centaur Leader of the South Wind Centaur Herds
    • Queen Dolcina of Solungia, Mistress of Stairs of the Southwest Seas



  • Kablin; 2nd Cohort Commander; Amber
  • Traxton; 3rd Cohort Commander; Amber
  • Trudeaux; Sub-Commander, Artillery
  • Drishti; Alchemist/Stealth Scout; Amber
  • Dandilar; 4th Cohort Commander; Amber
  • Tasa; Sub-Commander, Stealth Scout; Amber
  • Ranatal; Sub-Commander, Cavalry; Amber/Kashfan

ANZARA REEN; Dragonriders

  • Talodak; 1st Wing Commander; Anzara Reen
  • Roland; Soldier; Anzara Reen


  • T'Fanal; 5th Clan Commander; Kanzari Kzin

RESKARA; 2 Human, 2 Orc, 1 Elf, 1 Dwarf, 1 Cathar (Feline Race)

  • Twis Andala; First Sword; Human Reskara
  • Feant; Ranger; Half-orc Reskara


  • Unnamed Wizard; Human Cursis

Adledross CHAD

  • Fortunadus; Sub-Commander, Tactical Advisor & 2nd in Command; Amber/CHAD Thrice Crowned Bard
  • Carston; 5th Cohort Commander; Amber/CHAD
  • Alexandir Kos Korag; War God; Amber/CHAD (assigned to Cavalry)

Adledross Apprentices

  • Relmopator's Apprentices: (6)
    • Arnold: Human Ritualist from North Dakota & Vatra: Avasa of Fire
    • Bernard: Human Ritualist from North Dakota
    • Charles: Human Ritualist from North Dakota
    • Darwin: Human Ritualist from North Dakota
    • Albert Ornhurst XVII: Human/Amberite
    • Ernest Hess: Human/Amberite
  • Fortunadus' Apprentices: (6)
    • Hector: Human Ritualist from North Dakota; Head Mason
    • ???: Human Ritualist from North Dakota
    • ???: Human Ritualist from North Dakota
    • ???: Human Ritualist from North Dakota
    • ???: Human/Amberite
    • ???: Human/Amberite
  • Tasa's Apprentices: (6)
    • ???: Human Ritualist from North Dakota
    • ???: Human Ritualist from North Dakota
    • ???: Human Ritualist from North Dakota
    • ???: Human Ritualist from North Dakota
    • ???: Human/Amberite; Thief Skills
    • ???: Human/Amberite: Thief Skills

Adledross Officials

  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Percy Shelley
  • Adledrossian Wizard