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=== Data Points ===
=== Data Points ===
1 DP on Revern
=== Injuries/Debilities/Scars ===
=== Injuries/Debilities/Scars ===

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Name: Callister
Archetype: Covert Operative
Professions: Clandestine Explorer
Background: Colonist
Appearance: Wiry, Ferrety, Sleek


Mettle: +2
Physique: +0
Influence: +1
Expertise: +2
Interface: -1
Armor: +2
Advancement Trigger: Make a leap of faith.


Resourceful: You’re good at making do with limited resources, and getting the most out of what you have, making you a bit of a hoarder. You gain +1 to your Expertise stat, to a maximum of +2.
Stealth: Whenever you can move around freely and are unobserved, you can choose to vanish without a trace. While missing, you may show up in the midst of events, as long as you can explain how you got there.
Sabotage: When you tamper with something (information, machinery, social situations, tactical plans, etc), describe how you go about it and Roll+[Stat].
  • On a 10+ - The target of your tampering is doomed to fail, just as you planned.
  • On a 7-9 - The target of your tampering is doomed to fail spectacularly, horrifically or comically, at the GM’s discretion.
Survivalist: After experiencing a wilderness first-hand, tell the GM one strange, unusual or interesting fact about an aspect of that wilderness (animals, plants, weather, terrain, hazards, etc). You gain 3 Data Points about that wilderness.


To the Invisible Hand, for picking him out of the ruck of frontier rats, and giving him special training and advantages.
To the Invisible Hand
To the Invisible Hand


The Invisible Hand overreached on your last job, and left you exposed as their asset, in a little-known but very volatile frontier outpost. They owe you backup or some intervention - not least because you've now got as much on them as anyone else has on you.


Hazard Gear - Life Support. Vacuum sealed, space worthy
  • Carapace +2 Armor, Clumsy
  • Jump Jets Long jumps, slow descent, zero-g control
  • Career Kit (Explorer: Heavy backpack. Climbing tools, grappling line, deployable tent, heat/light sticks, water filter, etc.)
  • Sensors
Stealth Gear - Inconspicuous, stealthy clothing
  • Meshweave +1 Armor, looks like clothes
  • Adaptive Camo Changes color, blends into terrain
  • Sensor Void Does not show up to scanners
  • Career Kit (Clandestine: Somber. Remote camera, handcuffs, electronic/mechanical locks, chloroform, etc.)
  • Sensors
Ranged Weapon (Class 2 Laser Rifle (Two handed ranged weapon, Optimal Ranges: Close, Far), Laser (+Melt, +Cut), Conspicuous, Stabilized (No recoil, can be used in micro-gravity environments)), Silenced (+Silent), Long Barrel (Ranged: Distant)


Clandestine: Private Comms: Private room with a secure communication array on an encoded channel
Explorer: Probe Station: Capable of launching small telemetry probes and receiving their readings.

Data Points

1 DP on Revern



Callister grew up on a frontier colony world, and distinguished himself early on by his resourcefulness and his curiosity, ferreting out new resource caches and habitable zones out on the fringes of civilization. He picked up the explorer bug, hiking out into uncharted territory and leading expeditions into the wilderness. Those talents brought him to the attention of the Invisible Hand, who decided he could be used to explore - or destabilize - other people's frontier worlds. Callister jumped at the chance to go places in secret, and took their offer. With a few more years behind him, he's come to realize that it was a devil's bargain, but he hasn't yet worked out how to get out of the IH's clutches. Meantime, they do keep feeding him fascinating missions and top-class gear; he just doesn't want to be around when they finally decide to burn him.