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[[File:Calmir-temple.jpg|1100 px]]
This is a primal realm created eons before Amber and destroyed eons before Amber. A realm of limited shadows, called Eigenstates, or time paths. The [[Kangular]] powers the realm as the Pattern powers Amber. But when you assay the Kangular you gain the power to travel in Time in Calmir, rather than in shadow.
From the [[Diners of Amber]] article.
The Primal Realm of Calmir was created in the dim ancient drapes of time in the unchallenged Chaos and stood for uncounted eons.
Calmir was a royal realm lead by a High Lord. 9 High Lords ruled Calmir during its tenure. As the enemy of Chaos it drew the numerous attacks throughout its life. The capital city of Calroos was a grand city of 3 milllion inhabitants in a rich culture that survived for many generations.
The Kangular, the primal construct of the realm, cast 512 eigenstates out from its center. Adapts of the Kangular were able to time travel down the pathways of the eigenstates. Adapts were not able to time travel in Chaos, nor in [[Paragon]], nor, most likely, in Amber. Although the lives of Calmir and [[Paragon]] did overlap, both realms had been long destroyed before Dworkin's creation of Amber.
The Dominion of Calmir spread down 175 eigenstates from their earliest births to their ends. It spread down 159 more in one form or another. The Soldiers of the Dominion were familiar sights in many other realms..
Chaos brought jealous bloody red war to the eigenstates and a vast, vain, proud, treacherous and in the end futile, war took place.
In the end. High Lord Swayvil I of Chaos, having slain the High Lord, and most of the princes and princesses of Calmir in battle, dragged the dying High Lady Escheziria over the Kangular and sacrificed her. This darkened the kangular, dropping the eigenstates, killed billions to the billionth power of inhabitants and ending the Primal Realm of Calmir.
The last surviving son and the last surviving Daughter of Calmir survived by hiding in [[Paragon]] during the final event. Ranvir Calmir, youngest son of Ganruuk and Kubresea Calmir and his sister, Laeessas, hid first in [[Paragon]] till it fell then fled into the Abyss steps away from pursuing chaos lords. With the rise of Amber they snuck into Amber and hid amongst its shadows. First in the shadows nearest Chaos, being familiar in many ways to them, till they discovered the existence in the shadows of Amber realms that were similar to the fallen realms of Calmir.
=='''The Kangular of Calmir'''==
The Kangular is a primal construct. Created in the dimmest early days of Chaos. It is a construct that casts shadows along a finite path of possibilities. 512 basic frame eigenstates radiate out from the Kangular. Off each basic frame are a vast number of offshoots caused by traumatic events within the realm or by the actions of those attuned to the Kangular.
Adapts of the Kangular can travel back and forward in the timeline of the eigenstate. Can detect offshoots and travel into them. They can back off time around them to a very small degree. General actions near them personally, Assults, accidents. Many Kangular adapts skilled in alchemy and sorcery use the time effect to reverse effects caused in research.
''Basic Imprint 40''

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