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Origins: The Comet 12/5/16 - “Ashton”[edit]

Meteor Shower

Ashton’s Comet - was heading to earth and the world's space agencies (US, China, Russia) came up with a way to stop it with nukes, but the debris from it still hit the earth. Radioactive meteors fell all over the Earth causing massive destruction from impacts and also radiation sickness. Tens of thousands of people died worldwide from molecular changes, cancers, and breakdown of the DNA. Scientists refer to this as Ashton’s Syndrome. Some survivors began to manifest all manner of changes. Some appear normal, some display a horrifying degree of mutations. The governments of the world scramble to contain the situation.

Setting: New York City, Present Day[edit]

Lower Manhattan

The city is still recovering from the physical damage caused by the impacts. But the affect of Ashton’s Syndrome on the populace has the emergency and medical infrastructure stretched beyond capacity. Of even greater concern, however, are the increasing number of reports involving strange occurrences and strange creatures throughout the city. Protests and unrest are on the rise. The people are afraid. The local gangs are taking advantage of the overtaxed police forces and have stepped up their activities. Local residents have never seen the level of tension this high. Many express fear that things cannot stay like this much longer before bad things happen...

Map of New York: Media:NYC-areas.jpg