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Tarot the Mastermind

Name: Ada Tremaine

Appearance: woman, white, smirking face, fashionable clothing, simple costume


Assets: Safehouse and Surveillance Equipment

Labels & Conditions

-2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 Curses!
Danger: O Afraid; (-2 to Directly Engage or to Cow or Rebuke)
Freak: O Angry; (-2 to Abscond or Pierce the Mask)
Trouble: Infamy
O Doubting; (-2 to Unleash Your Powers or Exploit Weakness)
Superior: O Insecure; (-2 to Provoke Someone or Reject Other's Influence)
Menace: O Paranoid; (-2 to Distract Someone or Assess the Situation)
Influenced By:
Holds Influence On:

The Deck

When you show your hand, roll + Infamy. On a hit, hold 3 cards. On a 7-9, lose 1 Infamy. On a miss, hold 2 cards, and either lose 2 Infamy or mark 2 conditions. You can do this during an action scene, or in lieu of cooking up a scheme or executing a plan.

Draw You make sure that what you need will be provided to you, no matter the cost. Spend 1 card to create a temporary Asset you can use for the length of this caper, until it is lost or exhausted.

Flash You are quick to gather intelligence, though sometimes knowing can be dangerous. Spend 1 card and mark a condition to ask any one question about the caper and the situation around it to the GM, who must answer honestly..

Horse You have just the right person (or monster) for the job. Spend up to 3 cards to have a proxy that will obey your orders. Each card spent gives them an additional condition they can mark (up to 3). When the proxy would take any action that would trigger a move, roll + cards spent on them. At the end of the scene, the proxy remains and may have their own agenda.

Shuffle The situation has changed, because you made sure it would. Spend 1 card to rearrange the location of up to 3 unanchored (GM’s call) people or important objects up to the size of a human. Spend 1 additional card to increase the size up to the size of a car.


You feel that Gloom is your only true equal among your peers. You once got Mirrormask into big trouble with one of your schemes.

Backstory & Questions

Playbook Questions

Ada is classified as a Class S intellect... or, at least, she would be (according to her own self assessment) if she hadn't thrown every test she'd been put through since she was in first grade. Using her prodigious Mind, she has set about studying the strange energies of sorcery, treating the mysteries of the cosmos like an equation to be solved. And she's very good at equations.

Backstory When did you first become a villain? They say I busted into the storage closet at daycare and took all of the gold stars for myself. They say I once got the kids in my neighborhood to operate a lemonade racket. They say I once set a trap for Santa Claus so devious the mailmen declared my mom’s house off-limits and we had to pick up our mail at the post office.

That’s what they say.

Who was the first unwitting pawn you used in your schemes? Poor, poor, Principal Kelvin. Shouldn’t have disqualified me from the Science fair, huh? It was really helpful, though, for him to take the fall for me over that whole interstate artifact smuggling thing. It wouldn’t do to have had a nine year old interrogated by the FBI.

Who, outside your peers, can see through your façade? Teegan Queen. She… she’s everything that I pretend to be. And she knows it. And I know it.

Why do you continue this charade? Why?! Who else could I be?

Why do you put up with the others? I’m a super genius, self-taught magician who loves the finer things in life and hates work. It’s nice to have people I can talk to about that.

MC & Player Questions

What is Tarot’s relationship with Magus Everard, the self-proclaimed Warden of Halcyon City? Did he warn you away from the left-hand path, or try to recruit you? Magic wasted on wizards. They're always talking about rules and morals and subjective human nonsense. The universe doesn't care if you're a "bad" person. It cares about energy and math. It cares about Power.


And what about the Akashic Army? They patrol the border between light and dark, awkwardly for your teammate Gloom. The who what now? Oh, those guys who keep trying to skewer Gloom?

I feel like maybe I'm under their radar -- BY DESIGN! MUHAHAHAHAHHA! <_<

Any family ties to people in the area or are you a self-sufficient prodigy? My mom lives in an apartment over on Circle Terrace. She and my dad split when I moved out at fifteen. He moved to Boston to take a teaching job at MIT, she works for Instamax Manufacturing. I don't see her as often as she'd like and I see him on holidays.

Also, instead of the usual Mastermind background question, I’ll ask you what happened to the other two teen villainsthat were with you on the first run? Jail, the psych ward, betrayal? Someone may have set up Basher to take the fall. He was always too much of a loose cannon to be trusted, it's probably better for everyone that he's buried into the monster ward at Supermax.

I didn't expect Spark to try and rescue him and get megatasered. That wasn't part of the plan. Lord what fools these mortals be.

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