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From cover of Captain America v4 #4, Art by John Cassaday

Real Name: Steve Rogers

First Historical Appearance: Captain America Comics #1 (Mar, 1941)

First Modern Appearance: Avengers #4 (Mar, 1964)

Creators: Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

Capsule: In the dark days of World War II, Steve Rogers was a fiercely patriot young man who wished nothing more than to serve his country and fight the Nazis. Steve was sickly and frail, though, and was rejected by the Army. He was soon approached by government men and agreed to take part on a secret experiment to develop a supersoldier using chemical and radiation treatments.

The experiment was a success and Steve Rogers became a perfect physical specimen of mankind. After a period of training he assumed the identity of Captain America and went on to become a living legend of the 1940s, battling the Nazi menace both at home and abroad.

Captain America was lost in action in the last days of WWII, plunging into the Atlantic Ocean during a battle with nazi criminal Baron Zemo. He spent decades in a state of suspended animation until being recovered by the Avengers. Captain America joined that superteam and became an inspiration and moral center for the new generation of superheroes.

Captain America, PL 11

Str 20 (+5), Dex 26 (+8), Con 20 (+5), Int 16 (+3), Wis 18 (+4), Cha 20 (+5)

Skills: Acrobatics 4 (+12), Climb 7 (+12), Craft (artistic) 4 (+7), Diplomacy 5 (+10/+14), Disable Device 3 (+6), Drive 1 (+9), Gather Information 3 (+8), Intimidate 3 (+8), Investigate 3 (+6), Knowledge (civics) 5 (+8), Knowledge (tactics) 15 (+18), Notice 4 (+8), Perform (oratory) 5 (+10), Pilot 1 (+9), Profession (soldier) 14 (+18), Sense Motive 2 (+6), Swim 3 (+8)

Feats: Accurate Attack, Assessment, Attack Specialization (unarmed) 3, Attack Specialization (shield), Attractive, Benefit (Avengers Membership), Connected, Dodge Focus 6, Endurance, Equipment, Evasion, Improved Block 2, Improved Initiative, Improved Throw, Inspire 3, Interpose, Leadership, Master Plan, Power Attack, Precise Shot, Renown 3, Second Chance (resisting mind control), Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Climb, Diplomacy, Knowledge [tactics]), Takedown Attack 2, Teamwork 2, Ultimate Save (Will), Well-Informed


  • Device 7 (Shield, Easy to Lose, Deflect 15 [All Ranged Attacks], Alternate Powers: Blast 9 [Shield Throw, Extra: Autofire (see below), Flaw: Side Effect - Loses shield if attack misses or is deflected], Shield 5, Strike 4 [Shield Bash, Power Feat: Mighty])

Equipment: Protective Costume (+1 to Toughness Saves)

Combat: Attack +11 (+13 shield, +17 unarmed), Grapple +23, Damage +5 (unarmed), +9 (shield), Defense +14 (+19 shield, +4 flat-footed), Knockback -3, Initiative +12

Saves: Toughness +6, Fortitude +8, Reflex +10, Will +10

Abilities 60 + Skills 22 (85 ranks) + Feats 40 + Powers 21 + Combat 38 + Saves 12 = Total 192

Complications: Enemies (Baron Zemo, HYDRA, Red Skull), Honor, Obsession (Protecting the American Dream)

Notes: Cap's shield is simple enough in the comics, but hard to represent in most RPGs. In M&M it's mostly easy, it's basically an array of Alternate Powers consisting of the powers Blast, Deflect, Shield, and Strike.

Blast represents his ability to throw the shield and have it return to his hand effortlessly. Now, Cap's trick of ricocheting the shield and hitting multiple enemies is a little tricky to represent. The only way I found was to use a variant of the Autofire Extra.

It works like the Multiple Targets option for Autofire Attacks, except Cap doesn't need to "walk" the attack across a line of adjacent targets. He just choses as many targets as he wants and makes attack rolls to hit each one with a penalty equal to the total number of targets. If he misses one target, he can't attempt to hit the remaining targets, though.

Each ricocheting off a hard surface such as wall counts as an attack too, for the purpose of reducing his attack roll.

So, if Cap tried to bounce the shield off two walls and hit five enemies, he'd have a -7 penalty on his attack rolls against those five enemies.

Notes: Character Bio extract to Marvel Database.

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