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Caradela was an kingdom that conquered its four neighboring kingdoms. It did not begin the war, nor was it even a principle combatant when 3 of the other kingdoms took to the sword. But in the end it was the victor.

In those days Oberon was Emperor of Caradela. He took a wife of royal great house of the kingdom of Rocara. I was their only son. I am told giving birth to an Amberite is hard on the mother. It seems many do not survive the experience. Mine did not.

Oberon was many things but a doting father is not one of them. I was raised by my Rocara family though I spent much of my time in Caradela as well. I was raised in a time of war and held a blade before I held a spoon. I'd killed a man in self-defense before I was four. At nine I stood to battle under the assault of the Tondril because every blade was needed. I was a page till I was twelve. A squire till I was sixteen. I was knighted into the Order of the Sword of Caradela by Oberon himself.

I shall not bore you with many more details. Mine was a life in the field. The rise and fall of battles.

Caradela is not a land of magic. We have our augers who read the future in entrails, and phases of the moon. We have alchemists who created medicines on the one hand and explosives and poisons on the other. What I have come to know as cantrips existed, and could be learned if one really was interested. Many people in our world could learn one or two. It seemed useful magics. We had a few wizards over the centuries who did magic few understood. Great and mighty magics I thought at the time.

Hamilton of Caradala, Lord of Amber.[[1]]

Jeweled Amber