Chancel Amyra

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Chancel Amyra

We meet at 8:30pm US Central Time-zone, Thursday nights, irc channel #nobilis on magicstar server, usually for at least an hour and a half to two hours aka: /server AND /join Nobilis

  • Side note - game started mid-May of 2005.
  • Back note - This game is supported by Tpyo, Typo's Regal.

Old notes:

  • Front note - 33 dynasty points as of Session 109 - +1 DP as of Session 132
  • Sneaky note - Ftisk and Kite, being later additions will receive double CP until they come at par with the other Nobles

Abhorrent Weapons discussed:

  • Abhorrent Shiv
  • Abhorrent Rock - the first Abhorrent Weapon, used to kill the Thirdborn Angel, the Guardian at the Gates. It's a rock.
  • Abhorrent knife - soul-carving knife owned by JbJ

Player Characters

Brian, Dominus of Numbers, played by lazarus

Chytosideron (Kite), Dominus of Assembly, played by Verithe

Dante, Dominus of Courage and Blades, played by Knockwood

Ftisk (aka Conrad (aka Ftisk)), Dominus of Machinery and Data, played by Angelo

Theresa, Domina of Plants, played by Beth

Carrie, Domina of Hope, played by Etheric

Player Characters Holding the horses

Herb, new Dominus of Urbanization, played by Harold

Snow, Domina of Capriciousness, played by Sara

Sam, Will, Gil, King John, Gnomely

Non-Player Characters

James, former Dominus of Urbanization, missing & ..well, huh.

Lesson, reformed demon, anchor of Urbanization

Samuel and William, Aides

Red a sentient redwood

Gnomely, a free will mechanical gnome, anchor of Ftisk

Imperator Kudzu

from the first game session:

A creature shaped much like a man, but build to a larger scale, paces with frenetic energy. His crafter seems to have decided to avoid the more common building materials of bone and flesh.
His bones are bricks. His fingers are tree branches. His eyes a red light and a green one, seemingly taken from a traffic light.
He smells of both nature and civilization, jungle fumes and smog.

Qualities: Great Harvest, Cold, Corrupted Mystery Cult, Dim Warding

Bought off - Demanding

Amyra and Kaerkoven

Amyra: Weird Science (Building Seeds at the beginning. Transmogrifier later), Magical Inhabitants, Convenient

Kaerkoven: Capital city. King John's palace and the Treasures are here, along with many museums, places to shop and the odd giant sentient redwood walking around. University as well. Chancel Heart is in clockwork room in Tower on university campus. Theresa has taken over the university Conservatory while Carrie has taken over the Administrative Building's upper floors. For the most part, Dante and Brian hang out/live in the clock tower. Lesson had his offices on the second floor while the first floor held Monty for a while. Horse has claimed the Infinite Room now.

Aides are invested nearby (Sam near river that runs through city.) Camms are also in the city. Lesson and his gang/team have taken over some of the industrial places for their work on dealing with the shapechanged Chancel inhabitants.

Camm flower chart

Discussion With Outside

Current Favors Owed

(as of Session 165)

Owed us:

  • Medium favor from the Cammorrae
  • Favor from Physics, for helping restore Quantum Physics
  • Favor from Consequences & his family, for helping with the Tam head.
  • Papa Legba, Power of Roads, says we can visit him once.

Amyra:Who's Who

Amyra:Untied laces and other unfinished thingies

Game Logs

Chapter 1: Hello Universe

Chapter 2: Two-Fisted Tales of Academic Mathematics

Chapter 3: Now Hiring

Chapter 4: The Battle of Kaerkoven

Chapter 5: Nobles, meet Parliament. Parliament, Kneel Before Us! Oh, sorry, inside voice.

Chapter 6: Hi John and Baaaad bunny!

Chapter 7: Paaaaarty!

Chapter 8: Mexican Madness

Chapter 9: Blood Ties

Chapter 10: Weekend at Barakiel's (aka You Want Who Dead?)

Chapter 11: HG Suggested Title: "Aren't you going to eat the giant?"

Chapter 12: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Chapter 13: We Gotz to Go to the Council! or "How Much Is That Hell-Soul in the Window?"

Chapter 14: So, how fast does this snail travel, exactly?

Chapter 15: Your Mission, should you choose to accept it...

Chapter 16: We do random stuff so you don't have to!

Chapter 17: Hard Science 2: Hard Science With A Vengeance

Chapter 18: Bring me the head of River Tam!

Chapter 19: Street Fightin': When Acorns Attack

Chapter 20: DOGS IN SPACE!

Chapter 21: A new Aidee

Chapter 22: Patterns

Chapter 23: Outside?

Chapter 24: Too interesting to be interesting.

Chapter 25: A bird's cult

Chapter 26: Sueridus superstar

Chapter 27: The Kaerkoven Ogre Incident

Chapter 28: Gunboat Diplomacy, Part 1

Chapter 29: The New Kids In Town

Chapter 30: Breaking the Sky

Chapter 31: Dealing with Drama

Chapter 32: Who You Dare Believe

Chapter 33: Demonbox 2: Demonbox Harder

Chapter 34: Silly, silly mammals

Chapter 35: ???

Chapter 36: Lil Aidee Story

Chapter 37: ???

Game Quotes Page!