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Chancel_Vulcan - Imperator Vulcan

Assembly (2nd Edition)

Dominus Chytosideron in his native form.


Attribute Value MPs
Aspect 1 6/6
Domain 5 5/6
Persona 1 6/6
Treasure 3 5/6

Points: 31


  1. Must create. (2)
  2. Tends to consume more than one resource component. (1)
  3. Can't be initiated without intent (though an end result contrary to intent may occur). (1)
  4. Is a process. (1)
  5. Can not destroy unless at least one piece of the destroyed thing is used in the assembly of something new. (1)
  6. Is done by the labor of animate entities. ("those who assemble"; i.e. factory robots, quilters, birds, carpenters...) (1)


Blade Feathers (7)
Flight (1)
Durant (1)
Shapeshifting (Stymphalian bird and human only) (1)
Eternal (3)
Elusive (1)

Points: 14

Bonds & Afflictions[edit]

Bond: I am easily distracted by shiny things. (3)
Affliction: I must appear when someone completes the appropriate summoning ritual.(1)
Affliction: I can't remember my pre-Noble life. (2)
Bond: I want to explore Creation. (1)
Bond: I love my personal collection of shiny things. (2)
Bond: I love (to eat) fish. (2)
Bond: My feathers are made of metal. (3)
Bond: Gil (2)

Affliction: Most of the flight muscles in my chest got torn off. (1)
Bond: Part of my wing got eaten (3)

Skills & Passions[edit]

Skill: Theft (1)
Passion: I like to explore.(1)
Passion: I like to hang out with my little Brother (Ftisk) and his friends. (2)
Skill: Heron-like Bird (2)
Skill: Weaving (1)
Skill: Cool (+1)




Chytosideron is a Stymphalian bird, such as was in the Labors of Hercules. Vulcan had decided to reserve one of the metal-feathered birds as one of his own Nobilis. Where the Stymphalian birds actually came from is anyone's guess as it was several hundred years ago and Chytosideron doesn't remember much of his time prior to being Noble.

In the past, Chytosideron has avoided much of Noble society and the Velde Bellum, instead focusing his attentions on his Familia and Estate. After his Noble brother, Ftisk, began reporting home on his adventures with the Nobles of Ymera Kudzu, the Noble of Assembly became increasingly interested in interacting with other Powers. Recently, Chytosideron paid a visit to his brother and the Amyran Nobles with hopes of adventure and exploration.