Chaos Path of Blood

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Part of the Jeweled_Road_and_the_War_of_Balance records

Chaos Path of Blood[edit]

The Path of Blood is partially a metaphor and a colloquialism used in Chaos to denote a state of war between a Lord of Chaos and an individual of importance in a Shadow realm beyond the Black Zone. Usually its connected to someone in the Black Sway worlds. The term is also used to refer to a shadow-trail used often enough that others might follow it.

The Kushtorik Path of Blood

An example is the Path of Blood established by Lord Kysul ag Hendrim, a Lord of a lesser house connected to both Hendrake and Helgram. Lord Kysul dealt with a realm called Kushtorik, deep in the Black Sway. He had complicated relations with the Rock Lords involving both political and magical affairs. In the end he felt insulted and declared a Path of Blood to exist between the Courts of Chaos and the Rock Lord's world. The time relations were favorable for Chaos and Lord Kysul led an army from Chaos, gathering shadow forces to augment both Hendrake and Helgram forces.

The Rock Lords proved fierce and their forces mighty. Troops traveled the trail set down by Lord Kysul in numbers enough to make the trail easy to follow. IN time forces in shadow near the trail were conscripted by both sides and the war left the world of Kustorik and was fought back and forth on the Trail and the parts of the worlds crossed. It was a messy affair. Young and inexperienced Chaos lords and their followers joined the wwar to gain experience, unconcerned of the politics and the worlds they fought on. Lord Kysul was slain and his children kept up the battles. In time a dark and easy to travel path similar in effect to the Black Road and it began to allow shadow creatures to follow it to the brink of the Abyss.

Eventually the High Lord of Chaos stepped in, brought his personal troops in, massacred the forces on both side till they gave up the war. The Rock Lords gained respect far beyond their expectation and the House Hendrim was eradicated. Still, to the current day, a easily walkable path exists between Kushtorik and Chaos and considerable commerce exists between both ends.