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A character for Godlike, created by Tomb's Grave.


Abbie is designed for any normal Godlike campaign that'll take a female soldier.

Character Stats

Abigail Williams, AKA "Grinder Girl"

Body 1d, Coordination 2d, Sense 2d, Brains 3d, Command 1d, Cool 3d Base Will 11 Willpower 11

Skills Body: Brawl 1d, Climb 1d, Endurance 1d, Throw 1d Coord.: Dodge 2d, Rifle 2d, Stealth 2d, Pistol 2d Sense: Hearing 1d Brains: Teaching 2d, German 3d, English (native) 3d, Pathfinding 1d Cool: Mental Stability 2d

Miracles The Mutilator [Instant Death] (AR) 3hd [6] Flaws: Graphic (-1/2/4), Nervous Habit (must point to targets) (-1/2/4)

Next! [Multiple Actions] 6 (AR) [8] Flaws: Attached to The Mutilator (-1/2/4)

Character Description

Abigail Williams was a simple, soft-spoken teacher for much of her adult life. All that changed on March 12, 1942, when her little boy Daniel was assaulted near the family home. Abigail saw the attack from their house's 2nd-story window; helpless to intercede, the boiling mix of fear and hate led to the brutal emergence of her Talent, the ability to psychically tear people into bloody shreds. Several weeks of therapy and legal process later, she was drafted into the United States army, eventually winding up in a TOG squad.

During her training, much of Abbie's Talent-related training focused around hardening her to the effects of her own violent Talent. While she became fairly good at bottling up her disgust, she was never really comfortable with her power. After the war, she rarely used her power again--partially because it only worked against living animal or human targets, refusing to activate when she directed it even at plants. Upon the end of World War II, she returned to home, family, and teaching. In 1947, she gave birth to her second child, a daughter named Layla, who would become a Talent in her own right--a Wild Talent.


Godlike is a great game, although being the first incarnation of ORE means it has first-edition jitters. The weakest point of Godlike is its way of handling effects like "Vicious" (later "Deadly") and other such extras--they added +1/2/4 to power cost as well as having a cost-per-rank. On the upshot, it had a Superspeed power, which was curiously missing as a labeled ability in Wild Talents. Also, it's much, much easier to be a killing machine than a tank--but given the setting, that's likely a design goal.

This was my first character for the project simply because I've had this idea going for a while. She was fun to make, especially in getting around the "spread attack dice" around extra... ahem.

The next character I made was Layla Williams for Wild Talents, who I'll post up here soon.