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A character for GURPS 4/Discworld, created by psychojosh13.

This character cost 100 points to create, with a 50 point disad limit (though I actually wound up only using 20).

Regarding the open question of how to deal with universal systems, my plan is to treat the whole system as one game, and therefore only make one character for each universal system I own (which isn't many to begin with). In any case Discworld is the only GURPS sourcebook I own at present, so this should suffice.


The Assassins' Guild is a powerful force in Ankh-Morpork, and is likely to show up in some manner in any game set in that glorious old city. As a recent graduate of their school, young Alfred Chisel is cool, confident, and eager to start earning his pay.

Character Stats

Alfred Chisel Stats: ST 10 IQ 11 DX 12 HT 10
HP 10 Will 11 Per 11 FP 10 Basic Speed 5.5
Advantages: Literacy, Status 1, Voice of Command, Wealth (comfortable)
Disadvantages: Assassin Code of Honor, Overconfidence, Phobia (turtles)
Skills: Area Knowledge (Ankh-Morpork) 11, Axe/Mace 11, Climbing 11, Crossbow 13, Disguise 11, Garrote 13, Heraldry 11, Karate 11, Knife 13, Poisons/TL3 11, Savoir-Faire 11, Shadowing 11, Stealth 13, Throwing Knife 13
Equipment: dagger, throwing knives, vial of poison, pistol crossbow, rope and grappling hook

Character Description

At age 8, Alfred Chisel was enrolled in the famous Assassins School in Ankh-Morpork. He wasn't the best student, but something about the way he spoke convinced his teachers to give him higher marks than they should have. Though he didn't fully understand this ability, he could control it well enough to get cocky about it, figuring he could convince people of his abilities even if he couldn't back it up. Of course, by the time he graduated he had managed to convince himself of these same abilities. Now all he needs is a job to prove himself...


Random idea that I thought would fit well. Might actually work better as an NPC than a PC, but that depends on what you do with him. Either way I like the character.

For those who care, I will point out that Voice of Command comes from the Discworld sourcebook, while all other traits on this character sheet are from the GURPS 4 core book (further caveats - while Code of Honor is from the core book, the assassin-specific version is out of Discworld; for those trying to keep track of points, keep in mind that the default in Discworld is semi-literacy rather than full literacy).