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A character for the Wushu-based game Roanoke, by g026r.


Barnaby would probably work best in a campaign that features a good deal of political conflict and intrigue. One unconcerned with the relationship between England and Spain would likely be a poor choice.

Character Details[edit]

Name: Barnaby Chase
Concept: Spanish secret agent

Traits & Fear[edit]

Secrets (5) : Skilled at both keeping and discovering secrets.
Underhanded (4) : Fights cheap and dirty.
Desperate (3) : Discovery is the same as death; will do anything to avoid it.
Anonymity (1) : HIs upbringing has left him with a fear of being seen as one of the unrecognized masses or forgotten upon death.


Brace of pistols, diary, leather hat.

Character Background[edit]

Barnaby Chase grew up poor, the son of a disgraced and bankrupt nobleman who had been beheaded when he displeased the queen. Desperate for money, status, and revenge, during a trip to the continent he agreed to work as an agent of the Spanish crown, reporting back to the court of Philip II as to the goings on in the English courts.

When the second Roanoke colony was founded, orders came for him to accompany the colonists and if need be prevent the colony from prospering unduly.


As much as people rave about this game specifically and Wushu and general, I'm honestly not much of a fan. There are great idea seeds, but they really seem no more than that. Plus I find "create your own traits/attributes" systems to be an inspiration-kill, as I'm left trying to figure out how to describe my ideas in the given number of spaces without getting too specific or too generic—and that's not even getting into what happens when I run out of ideas for one of them.