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A character for D&D (4th ed), created by psychojosh13.


A relatively unique (I think) character for your standard, run of the mill D&D campaign. As long as there's combat against spellcasters, this guy gets a chance to shine.

Character Stats[edit]

Race: Eladrin
Class: Fighter
Level: 1
Stats: Str 15 Dex 12 Con 14 Int 11 Wis 10 Cha 8
Defenses: AC 16 Fort 14 Ref 11 Will 11
HP: 29
Healing Surges: 11/day (7hp)
Class Features: Combat Challenge, Combat Superiority, Two-Handed Weapon Talent
Attacks: Glaive +4, Shortbow +3
Powers: Fey Step (encounter), Reaping Strike (at will), Sure Strike (at will), Passing Attack (encounter), Villain's Menace (daily)
Feats: Blade Opportunist
Skills: Arcana +2, Athletics +7, Endurance +7, History +2, Intimidate +4, Perception +5
Equipment: chainmail, glaive, shortbow, rope, 8gp

Character Description[edit]

Birindar could never quite get the grasp of magic like, well, just about every other eladrin. Sure enough this made him something of an outcast, and he quickly grew to resent his kin for their arrogance (jealousy? what's that?). Over the years Birindar focused this hatred into combat skill honed to fight spellcasters, whose powers he can resist more effectively because of his racial abilities.


I originally statted up Birindar for a 3e campaign that I am currently playing in; while we're not converting to 4e for this campaign, I thought that posting stats for the same character would be a nice way to show some of the differences between the two editions. Where possible I've kept things as much the same between the two versions as I could; for example, the ability scores are arranged the same way, and have only changed to accommodate changes in racial ability modifiers. As far as race, Eladrin are basically 4e's high elves (just a bit more mystical), whereas the race that goes by the name of Elf is essentially the subgroup that used to be called wood elves. Overall I probably would have done a couple things differently if I were remaking Birindar from scratch but with the same goal, but it probably wouldn't be anything drastic.