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A character for Broken Gears, created by psychojosh13.

Broken Gears is an interesting mish-mash of alternate history, steampunk, and pulp. It is also available for free, so I don't have to be the only one here who owns it.


What kind of campaign I don't know, other than "full of people getting shot." What does matter is that Bruce is part of a squad of Australian mercenaries, known throughout the world of Broken Gears as the best army money can buy.

Character Stats

Bruce "Taipan" Hornsby
Occupation: Mercenary
Stats: Int 2 Dex 4 Agi 2 Con 3 Cha 1 Wit 3
Intelligence: Profession (type) 0/2, Learning 0/2, Forbidden Lore 0/2, Theoretical Chaomancy 0/2
Fine Dexterity: Practical Chaomancy 0/4, Craft 0/4, Pilot 1/3, Small Arms 5/9, Large Weapons 5/9
Agility: Melee 2/4, Athletics 1/3, Dodge 3/5
Constitution: Brawl 3/6, Resistance 0/3, Brute 4/7
Charisma: Bluff 2/3, Converse 0/1, Command 0/1
Wit: Perception 4/7, Streetwise 0/3, First Aid 3/6, Politics 0/3
Gear: cartridge revolver, bolt-action rifle, binoculars, combat knife, pack of bandages and rubbing alcohol
Wound Levels:
Grazing [] [] []
Wounding [] []
Critical [] []
Incapacitating []

Character Description

Bruce is practically the poster boy for rugged Australians with a mean streak - tall, muscular, always scowling, and darker-skinned than those European pansies (thanks to a combination of suntan and Aboriginal heritage somewhere up the line). He's not the leader of his squad, but when the orders come down to make someone hurt or to turn a structure into a crater, he's first in line to make it happen.


No particular thoughts on this one. As with many of the characters I'm making for this exercise, this one would work equally well as a PC or NPC, and in the latter role could have a dozen possible reasons for aiding or interfering with the PCs.