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A Sidereal character in [Legends of the Second Age], played by Sly9.

Dekkar Sendai
  • Concepts/themes for Dekkar include some of the following: Dante's Inferno (by Dante Aligheri), Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Vampire Hunter D


  • Full Sidereal Name/Title: Dekkar Kendai/Face of Ended Strife
  • Concept: Demon hunting, story telling, fate Reckoner
  • Motivation: Purge demons to stop exalts from dying prematurely
  • Personality: Witty, subtly unlikable, sly, cocky, jokester, convicted
  • Description
    • Male
    • Height: 6'5"
    • Weight: 220 lbs
    • Build: Athletic
    • Eyes: Blue with deep purple streaks radiating outward
    • Hair: Black
    • Age: 19
  • Caste: Chosen of Endings


Since Dekkar’s childhood, he has known little of the care and warmth that many frequently share with others throughout their life. He has, however, been quite lucky or seemingly so. As a child, the village he and his family lived in was burnt to the ground while they slept. Though Dekkar was too young to remember the scene, but he was the only sole survivor. His whole family had perished in the flames wrought on the village from a crazed, possessed warlord.

It seemed as if fate had woven a different path for him. He was discovered by a traveling arms dealer who came across Dekkar, as he lay sleeping in his meager bed, with everything around him smoldering ash. This traveling merchant was a resplendent identity of a Chosen of Endings, secretly supplying arms to Cult of the Illuminated cells around the area. Other than the supernatural luck of surviving such a tragic event, he noticed there was something unique about Dekkar as he inspected his fate thread. He could not see all of what he would come to be though. He could only see a small glimpse into the future as he traced his thread and knew that he would be fated for something other than only a mundane mortal life, most likely a life as an exalted. He knew that she could not care for this young child. So he took Dekkar to the next city and dropped him off at the next small city where there was a friendly cell. There, Dekkar grew up in an environment of meager existence but still learned much of Creation and its history from the cell, all the while the Sidereal who rescued Dekkar, monitored him in his free time.

Though it seemed like he was well protected by the cell, another calamity hit the life of young Dekkar. This time, a group Yozi cultist had slowly infected and tainted some of the lives at the cell he was living in. By the time Dekkar was able to detect the change within the monks and caretakers of the abode, it was far too late. The Yozi cultist had summoned a demon from reaches of a land beyond imagining, a tainted and evil place called Malfeas. When the demon finished fully forming in the basement of the abode, it took but one look at its surroundings, before slaugthering the cultists who had summoned him. From there the vile and destructive nature of the demon went into overdrive as he unleashed the worst of his tormented soul upon the quiet city. Once again, all were slain or destroyed, except for Dekkar. As Dekkar watched the ruin the mal-formed demon was releasing upon the city from his hiding spot, he couldn’t help to think what would have happened had a group of Solar exalts been here. “Who was supposed to rid creation of such evil”, he wondered.

After three days and nights of carnage and destruction, the demon's thirst appeared to be sated. Dekkar knew he would not last much longer with a lack of supplies and water. Though he was only twelve, he decided here he would vow to change things. He had seen travelers and outcastes practice martial arts and the styles of war from his time with the Cult of the Illuminated. Those who watched over him there hadn’t started to teach him these practices, but his childhood savior, Nikko the traveling arms dealer, had. He stealthily scrounged around looking for weapon. After crawling over decapitated and horribly disfigured bodies, he came across a sword embedded in a wooden pole outside of what used to be a prayer shrine. The hilt and part of the blade had a thin layer of black ash upon it with what he could only judge was demon's blood, slowly dripping off the tang. “All things must come to an end, and if so, it will be on my own terms”, he muttered to himself as he released the blade from its temporary resting place.

Standing up, blade in hand, he walked towards the demon who was wandering around the ruins of the city, feasting and playing with rotting corpses. The demon paused when he heard the footsteps of a human coming up behind him. A grim smile stretched across the demon’s other worldly face as he turned to face his next treat. What happened that night with the demon, would end up forever changing Dekkar’s life and existence. It was the night of his exaltation.

Once again, Nikko, found Dekkar in the center of ruin and death that seemed to follow the child’s life. This time Nikko could feel the energy of an exalt as he walked up to the body of unconscious Dekkar. Though Nikko had not foreseen the exaltation of Dekkar, he knew now that the fate of the new Sidereal exalt was in his hands.

Upon reaching the celestial manse of Nikko, who was known in heaven as Master Ojin’o, Dekkar awoke. From that point on, Master Ojin’o would teach Dekkar of his Sidereal responsibilities including those both in Yu-Shan and Creation.



  • Strength: •••
  • Dexterity: ••••
  • Stamina: ••••


  • Charisma: •
  • Manipulation: ••••
  • Appearance: ••


  • Perception: ••••
  • Intelligence: ••
  • Wits: •••


  • Essence ••
  • Personal 5/10m
  • Peripheral 27/27m
  • Committed to artifacts
    • 5m for Empty Night Sky
  • Willpower •••••••
  • Anima Banner: Black background, with a deep purple, sawtooth circle in the middle, 2 porcelain masks face outwards (one crying, the other smiling)

Health Levels

  • 0 [ ]
  • -1 [ ] [ ]
  • -2 [ ] [ ]
  • -4 [ ]
  • Incap [ ]


  • Compassion: •
  • Conviction: •••
  • Temperance: •••
  • Valor: ••
  • Flawed Fate: Reckoner's Flawed Fates make them advocate, seek or cause the greatest endings with the most meaningful changes.


Journeys Caste

  • Resistance •••
  • Ride
  • Sail
  • Survival •
  • Thrown

Secrets Caste

  • Investigation ••
  • Larceny
  • Lore •••
  • Occult ••• [F]
  • Stealth ••

Serenity Caste

  • Crafts •
  • Dodge •••• [F]
  • Linguistics ••
  • Performance ••• [F]
  • Socialize •

Battles Caste

  • Archery
  • Athletics ••
  • Melee ••• [F]
  • Presence ••
  • War

Endings Caste

  • Awareness ••• [C]
  • Bureaucracy •• [C]
  • Integrity •• [C]
  • Martial Arts ••• [C]
  • Medicine • [C]


  • Demons (Occult) ••
  • Yu-Shan Dialect (Linguistics) •
  • Daiklave (Martial Arts) •
  • Multiple Enemies (Martial Arts) •
  • Seeing in Low Light (Awareness) •
  • Tracking (Awareness) •


  • Heart-Brightening Presentation Style (Performance)
1st Excellency (Performance) [free due to HBPS]
Fateful Excellency (Performance) [free due to HBPS]
1st Excellency (Socialize) [free due to HBPS]
Fateful Excellency (Socialize) [free due to HBPS]
1st Excellency (Presence) [free due to HBPS]
Fateful Excellency (Presence) [free due to HBPS]
  • Optimistic security practice (Resistance)
  • Secrets of Future Strife (MA)
  • Flight of Mercury (MA)
  • Joy in Adversity (MA)
  • Impeding the Flow (Melee)
  • Harmony of Blows (Melee)
  • First Melee Excellency (General/Melee)
  • Absence (Dodge)
  • Mark of Exaltation (Occult)
  • Methodology of Secrets (Lore)
  • Of Secrets Yet Untold (Lore)


Fate Ending Flurry

  • Charms
    • First Melee Excellency
    • Harmony of Blows
    • Impeding the Flow
    • Secrets of Future Strife


  • Celestial Manse ••
  • Salary ••
  • Connections •• (Bureau of Destiny, Division of Endings)
  • Connections •• (Cult of the Illuminated)
  • Artifact •• (Daiklave-Empty Night Sky)
    Empty Night Sky
    • The Empty Night Sky is a powerful hybrid style daiklave from a time well before that of Dekkar, or even his sifu, Master Ojin'O.

The blade gets its name not from the way it looks but from when the weapon was crafted. It was forged during a dark time in history, and on the night it was finished, it was under that of a starless and bleak night sky. The master forgesmith's who made the daiklave wanted to ensure that its owners never walked with out a guiding light, even if that was only the faintest startlight.

The hybrid daiklave is not as thin as a reaper daiklave but it also not as bulky and stout as full daiklave. Forged with compromises and benefits from each class of daiklave in mind, the hybrid style of daiklave was born. It features an overll length of 6'10". The blade measures 5'7" from point to cross guard. The meat of the blade is black as the darkest onyx with specs of what can only be described as starlight. The hilt is composed of a tough, but smooth black ray skin grip, a pommel, and a black cross guard. The hilt section measures 1'3" in length from cross guard to pommel.

  • Backing •• (Gold Faction)
  • Sifu •• (Master Ojin'O/Teacher of Violet Bier of Sorrows Style)
  • Ally •• (Swift, a Gold Faction Sidereal)
    • During his first five years of training and indoctrination to the Gold Faction in Yu-Shan, Dekkar met many other Sidereals. However, few, if any, ever seemed interesting or worthwhile as allies to him. This was the case for Swift. Though he had interactions with Swift in the past, Dekkar never saw more than that in her. She seemed like just another member of the Bureau of Destiny. Dekkar’s opinion of Swift stayed this way until he saw her desire to help exalts in Creation. It was her particular interest and willingness to go out of her way to help exalts that resonated with him. From that point on, Dekkar knew he had found a trustworthy ally in Yu-Shan.



  • The Sword •
  • The Rising Smoke •
  • The Corpse •
  • The Haywain •
  • The Pillar •
  • The Key •
  • The Shield •

Shaping Destiny

Endurance (Stamina+Resistance) 7

Resplendent Destinies

Maro Rikishi

  • Duration ~
  • Concept
    • Traveling calligrapher/writer/scribe

Junji Sha

  • Duration ~
  • Concept
    • Dancer/storyteller, specifically for royalty

Twin Ivory Towers

  • Duration ~
  • Concept
    • Martial arts teacher/sifu for the Cult of the Illuminated

Ascending/Descending Destinies



  • Join Battle 6 (12 with Secrets of Future Strife)
  • Dodge DV 5


  • Join Debate 6
  • Dodge MDV 4


Dekkar Kendai

  • Incense/prayer kit
  • Scroll canister
  • Blue rice paper lantern (Sidereal calligraphy around the lantern) with carrying branch
  • Coin/talent pouch
  • Set of travelling robes
  • Neck/head scarf
  • Water skin
  • Empty Night Sky - Artifact Daiklave
    • Speed 4, Accuracy +3, Damage +5L, Defense +2, Rate 3, Attune 5, Str Req ••
    • Weapon ability: In the darkest of nights or when the night sky can't be seen, the sword emits the subtlest starlight glow to provide a light(+10 feet of vision) to the attuned wielder.
    • Weapon ability: The inner part of the blade has a pattern that will show the attuned user the constellation of the Resplendent Destiny he/she currently has donned. This reshaping is not instantaneous and takes thirty minutes to fully form the star sign. It also doesn't affect the durability or strength of the blade in way, just its physical appearance.

Maro Rikishi

  • Silk sling bag
  • Incense/prayer kit
  • Calligraphy quills, parchment, and ink
  • Scroll canister
  • Royal purple rice paper lantern (Rivertongue calligraphy around the lantern) with carrying branch
  • Set of traveling robes
  • Neck/head scarf

Junji Sha

Twin Ivory


  • Spent: 0xp
  • Current: 0xp
  • Earned Total: 0xp