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A character for Heroquest, created by Screen Monkey.


The classic Gloranthan Sartar campaign. Ernaldina might make peace between Lunar and Heortling, or she might make peace with the warring tribes so they can unite against the Lunars. The Hero Wars are coming!

Character Narrative

Ernaldina Who Laughed is a Heortling Scholar and Devotee of Ernalda. Ernaldina is of the Tovtaros Clan, and is famed as a story teller and for her ability to bring peace and compromise. She was gifted the swan blanket by Esera Many-Hands, her aunt. She has a fine herd, gifted to her for making the Peace of Tillman's Ford. She can sheath a sword with a word and banish anger with her laugh. Ernaldina wants to stop the nearby Zorak Zoran temple from raiding her clan. She looks after her younger sister, Yanara. Ernaldina's good looks and fine singing voice have won her many suitors.

Character Statistics

Ernaldina Who Laughed
Dragon Pass Geography 17
Farming 17
Heortling Customs 17
Speak Sartarite 17
Walk with Snowshoes 17
Wilderness Survival 17
Spinning and Weaving 17

History 17
Know Culture of Strangers 17
Know Trivia 17
Make Writing Materials 17
Memorise Text 17
Read (Sartarite) 17
Speak (Storm Speech) 17
Write (Storm Speech) 17

To Ancestors 17
To Family 17
To Tovtaros Clan 17
To Ernalda Temple 17
To Esara Many-Hands 13
Yanara (Dependent) 13
Many suitors 13

Miscellaneous Attributes
Famed as a Myth Teller 1W2
Bring Peace and Compromise 13
Peace of Tillman's Ford 13
Sheathe a sword with a word 1W
Banish anger with her laugh 13
Good looks 13
Fine singing voice 13

Magic (Ernalda)
Bless Families 17
Bless Mothers 17
Bless Stead 17

Fine Herd 13
Swan Blanket 13


Many games offer the lure that if you can imagine it, you can play it. I think only Heroquest truly delivers on this promise. Ernaldine is an example of a character with no combat skills at all, who nonetheless would be extremely useful in any combat or conflict situation. I can't see many other games where such a character would be viable, interesting, or even possible. I like the idea that 'sheathe a sword with a word' can be a useful attribute in play. The narrative mthod for rolling up characters is definitely best.