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Real Estate: Office, located in building worth $5000
Real Estate: Office, located in building worth $5000
=====Adventuring Gear & Possessions=====
I am with you on businesses neneidg a website for the SEO, content depth, capturing of data reasons you laid out in your post. I will always recommend that solution to companies as a cornerstone of an online presence. Not every business owner will accept that answer and FB offers at least a  knowable  and familiar option when they won't pull the trigger on a website. RE: Your question: What’s the real advantage to the client, and their consumers/supporters, for having a Facebook Page over a simple, even static, site?My reply: Pretend I have one of the small business I have described in my original comment above. Very little or no web budget. No current web presence (haven't even captured my customer's emails). Low tech skills. I use Facebook to connect with my friends a little bit and I can handle that OK, but that's about it. All three of the customer service people I employ use Facebook all the time and they are bugging me to get online. Now your assignment as my professional web person: Get 300 local people to see my online presence on a regular and repeating basis. I want them to see my weekly specials, news about a few events we do every month, and I might share some expertise about my industry on occasion. That's not 300 hits, that's 300 of the same people who I can count on to see my information every week or even every few days. Thumbnail that process for a standalone web site and then do it for a Facebook Fan Page. (If you say that you can find 300 consistent site visitors to a standalone site in small town Iowa, I'm going to have to ask to see your math.)
Fedora, wool overcoat, cashmere suit, wristwatch.<br>
Men's toilet set, typewriter, handcuffs, pocket camera, 24-exposure film, packet of cigarettes.<br>
.38 automatic pistol, box of 100 bullets.
== Character Description ==
== Character Description ==

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