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A character for 2300 AD, created by psychojosh13.


Campaign? Anything with a lot of Kafer hunting will work. Just as long as there's not too much thinking involved (or another PC to handle it).

Character Stats

Estelle Laviraz
Appearance: Sensational Nationality: French Homeworld: Vogelheim Gravity: 1.122G Native Language: French
Age: 39 Mass: 92kg Eyesight: Average Hearing: Average Body Type: Normal
Throw Range: 112m Encumbrance: 56kg Coolness Under Fire: 2
Attributes: Size 14, Str 14, Dex 18, End 7, Det 12, Int 13, Elo 11, Edu 13 -- Consciousness 4, Life 9
Career: Field Agent (6 years) Independent Trader (14 years)
Skills: P-Suit 0, Sidearm 3, first aid 0, Mechanical 0, Streetwise 2, Forgery 0, Information Gathering 1, computer 1, Melee 1, Bureaucracy 2, Stealth 0, Security Systems 1, Appraisal 1, Trader 2, Bargain 2, Pilot 3, Communications 2, Speak English 0, Remote Pilot 0 Stuff: Lv21,000

Character Description

Estelle came out of school eager to make money to get off world. She managed to get recruited as a field agent, where her good looks and sharp intelligence combined to make her a success at industrial espionage for one of the larger French Agricorp companies of Vogelheim. Estelle grew to dspise the work, though, and as soon as she was able, bought into a space trading consortium, the Weller Trading Company (WTC) and worked and traded for over a decade in a small freighter along the French Arm. the company has struggled for a while, and Estelle has just sold her share and decided to strike out on her own.

Estelle is a tall muscular woman of African origina and sensational good looks. She is annoyed by unwanted attention, and is immensely practical and moral. She is troubled by some of the things she did as a Field Agent to get her stake, and will be moved to help those in need as a result.


I haven't placed this game for such a long time, and it was like visiting an old friend, and one who has lots of new things to tell you. Rolling a character is quick and easy, but just crunchy enough for me. This stil feels to me like a sleek and groovy type of Traveller generation process.