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A character for Kult, created by Screen Monkey.


A classic Kult campaign, where the players crack open the veils of reality and are confronted with the horrors beyond.

Character Stats

Gage Strawberry
Address: New York City


AGL 12
COM 10
PER 15
STR 10
EGO 15
EDU 13
CON 15
CHA 10

Load: 12kg, Move 6, Actions 2, Initiative +0, Damage Bonus +1

4 scratches = 1 light
3 light = 1 serious
3 serious = 1 fatal

Secrets, Advantage and Disadvantages

Secret: Guilty of Crime
Advantages: Body Awareness 20, Pacifism 5, Sixth Sense 15, Endure Pain 15, Endure Torture 10
Disadvantages: Drug Addiction (Alcohol) 15, Paranoia 15, Death Wish 10
Mental Balance +15
Hero Points 10


Read/Write English 13
Automatic Weapons 12
Handgun 14
Unarmed Combat 10
Swim 5
Sport (Basketball) 12 Occultism 15
First Aid 10
Net of Contacts 10
Man of the world 15
Survival 15
Arabic 10
Burglary 10
Seduction 8

Standard of Living

Lower Average
Monthly Income $1,100
Net Available/month $800
Savings $500
Credit $5000
Home: rented apartment

Character Description

Gage was a young teen in NYC and enrolled in the army just after 9/11. Feeling patriotic, he was keen to do his bit to revenge the attack on the United States. Within two months he found himselfas part of the initial wave of soldiers occupying Baghdad.

As time went by, the brutality of the war got to Strawberry, and he found himself feeling angry and frustrated by his situation, and vented those feelings on those he encountered. This culminated in a situation where he and his fellow troopers murdered a family of Iraqis who were rumoured to be supporting the insurgents. This included two young children.

Strawberry kept quiet about the incident, but the guilt gnawed at him, leading him to a nervous breakdown. He was returned to his family.

Since then he has tried to rebuild his life, and he has managed to find some equanimity in his life. Meditation and yoga have helped him, and he finds that he enjoys the company of others more than he has in the past. He enjoys spending time with his nieces and nephews. His sisters worry about his drinking, but are glad he seems a lot happier these days.


Fairly unimaginative, with some odd bits. It feels a bit jumbled together. A bit of a weak game, but great setting.