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A Character for NWoD: Core created by Celisasu.


George is designed as a backup character for just about any party. He's probably not going to be as good as your more specialized characters but he has a nice mix of abilities that make him useful in a wide array of situations. It's assumed that he never went to college, instead going into construction right after high school. This also gives a convenient "in character" explanation for why he's not working certain periods of time as construction can be very on and off about work availability. He's an okay shot and pretty good in hand to hand which combined with his physical stats probably means he'll serve as a brawler against human foes(against the Supernatural he'd better run. He's no match for a werewolf or vampire obviously). His job, allies, and contacts(all assumed to be in the construction field) means he can get some hard to acquire equipment when needed. He's also good at finding out stuff such as construction permits, who built building X, it's factual past history(as opposed to the supernatural), etc. I see George as a straight forward nice guy who perhaps drinks a bit too much after seeing one weird thing too many at a previous construction site. Hence the low manipulation score and the virtue and vice that he has. You can easily tweak his stats and virtues and vices if you want the same rough skill set but with a different personality.

Character Stats[edit]

Name: George Smith
Age: 22
Concept: Construction worker who's seen more than most people see.
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Gluttony

Intelligence: **
Wits: **
Resolve: ***

Strength: ***
Dexterity: **
Stamina: ***

Presence: **
Manipulation: *
Composure: ***

Mental (-3 Unskilled)
Academics: *
Computer: *
Crafts: *** (buildings)
Occult: *
Science: *

Physical (-1 Unskilled)
Athletics: **
Brawl: ** (boxing)
Drive: ** (construction vehicles)
Firearms: **
Larceny: *
Stealth: *
Weaponry: *

Social (-1 Unskilled)
Intimidation: *
Socialize: *
Streetwise: **

Other Traits
Defense: 2
Size: 5
Health: 8
Initiative: 5
Morality: 7
Speed: 10
Willpower: ******

Allies: *
Brawling Dodge: *
Contacts: *
Fighting Style(Boxing): *
Resources: **
Strong Back: *


Pick-up Truck
Cell phone
High Tech Tools(Craft): +2
Brass Knuckles: +1

Character Description[edit]

George Smith never did like school. While his friends went on to college he immediately went to work in the field after graduating from high school. It wasn't that he was stupid. He just didn't enjoy the book learning all that much. Unfortunately one night he saw....something on a construction site he was working at one evening. He thought it was his imagination. Until he saw it again the next night. And again the night after that. He didn't see it the fourth night. Just the bodies of two fellow workers, mauled by what apparently were savage dogs.


Like I said before, George is designed to fit into just about any campaign involving mortals. Thus his back story and stat and skill set try to make him useful in a wide array of situations without too much modification. He's useful in a combat oriented party. He has use for investigative groups. He can even help out your modern dungeon explorers with his knowledge of construction. If nothing else, his drive skill means that when it's time to get away from whatever evil is chasing you he's a good choice for behind the wheel.