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A character for Dangerous Journeys: Mythus Prime!, created by g026r.

Character created using the Mythus Prime rules, as contained within the first section of the Dangerous Journeys: Mythus rulebook.


Grace would work for most any campaign set in Mythus's default setting of Ærth, with her decent Heka points total making her an acceptable magic-using character. Her low combat scores, however, mean that she would fare poorly in a combat-oriented game without some more competent characters accompanying her (whether as PCs or NPCs) so as to provide the muscle.

Character Stats[edit]

Grace Allieve

  • Sex: Female
  • Socio-Economic-Class: 2
  • Vocation: Wisewoman
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 96 lbs
  • Age: 26
  • Attractiveness: 15 (Attractive/Cute)


  • Mental: 30
  • Physical: 40
Wound Level: 30
  • Spiritual: 50

Knowledge/Skills Packages[edit]

Universal K/S[edit]

  • Native Tongue: 45
  • Perception: 45
  • Riding: 50

Vocational K/S[edit]

  • Apotropaism: 45
  • Handicrafts/Handiwork: 45
  • Herbalism: 50
  • Priestcraft: 45
  • Religion: 45
  • Agriculture: 35
  • Nature Atunement: 45
  • Pharee Folk & Culture: 40
  • Subterranean Ærth: 30
  • Animal Handling: 35

Bonus K/S[edit]

  • Mysticism: 35
  • Jury-Rigging: 35
  • Impersonation: 35
  • Disguise: 30
  • Combat, HTH, Non-Lethal: 30
  • Criminal Act, Mental: 25

Monetary & Gear[edit]

  • Net Worth: $260
  • Bank Accounts: Nil
  • Cash on Hand: $160
  • Disposable Monthly Income: Nil
  • Gear: Blouse, Skirt, Shoes, Bag, Comb, Brass-Knuckles, Hat, Whistle, Powder (chalk), Sack (small), String (30'), Quilt, Bread (loaf) x2


  • Heka Points: 405

Character Description[edit]

Grace was born into a poor peasant village, and raised & educated in the mystic ways by her grandmother. Though it's a stable job, tThere's not much room for advancement as village wisewoman, and it's not what anyone would call exciting. Young and strong-headed, Grace eventually left the village behind to seek her fortune in the world. Unfortunately, she soon discovered that there wasn't much calling for village wisewoman outside of your village. Too stubborn and proud to return home, but not too proud to bilk the rich or foolish of their money, she's since turned to using her knowledge of religion, mysticism, and the supernatural to running scams designed to gain money by acting as a supposed medium between dead relatives, representatives of gods, and other supernatural beings.

Despite this, riches and social success still elude her, and she's always got an eye open for a way to climb the ladder.


Compared to the full/advanced Mythus rules, the Mythus Prime rules aren't actually that bad. A little sparse and limited perhaps, and the BUC system is an interesting but ultimately flawed idea, but as a generic point-distribution, percentile-based fantasy system it's at least usable. The SEC system feels a bit out-of-place though. Perhaps a method of distributing points to it as well would have been better.

I don't think I missed anything, but will return and fix it if I did.